Co-Tee TV Episode 33: Naylor News, Scooters and Hell on Wheels

I made it! Oh my goodness I made it to the end of the week. 5 new episodes of Co-Tee TV in 5 days. Awesome! I had super fun doing this and maybe we’ll do it again in the near future, or whenever I become backlogged with amazing shirts again. In the final episode of the week I review Motor Scooter Club from The Naylor News. This new brand from Portland, Oregon is themed to be much like a newspaper, with fictional stories that are written to match each shirt design.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Motor Scooter Club by The Naylor News. Pros: I’m a huge fan of the packaging of this shirt, it was very detailed and themed to match the Naylor News website. The shirts were tagless and featured a custom printed neck label. Printed on an American Apparel blank. Cons: The associated story related to this shirt was missing from The Naylor News website and so I didn’t really understand or get this shirt. A bit pricey for a single color print. Price: $24.99.

Motor Scooter Club by The Naylor News

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