Scott Pilgrim Custom Printing Press at Comic-Con 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is billed as being “an epic of epic epicness” and I believe that to be the truth. I’m excited for this film, not only because the comic was awesome but because Michael Cera is the perfect actor to play Scott Pilgrim. It seems as if Cera’s found a little niche for himself in Hollywood playing adolescents with issues. Needless to say, Cera is the perfect Pilgrim.

With Scott Pilgrim vs. the World set to premier on August 13, it is no surprise that they have invaded Comic-Con 2010. And what better way to promote the movie than to give away free Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt. And what’s even better than that? Setting up custom printing presses so that fans can come up, choose their T-Shirt color and then screen print their favorite Scott Pilgrim design. Very cool, highly interactive and definitely memorable!

From the looks of the images, there were five different, single color prints that you could choose from. Take a look below at all of the action that you probably missed out on! Jealous much?

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Photos below taken by RattMice. Please visit his Flickr Photostream.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Photos below taken by GingerAlchemy. Please visit his Flickr Photostream.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Diary of a T-Shirt Intern: Dealing With Black Ink

Diary of a T-Shirt Intern is a weekly column written by Bo, a T-Shirt blogger at Loving This Tee who is also affectionately known in the tee community as dunz0. Bo will be tracking her experiences as an intern at Tilteed and sharing her thoughts on the strange land that is Portland, Oregon!

This past week was quite similar to my first week working at Tilteed. In short, I spent a great deal of my time packing orders and pinning the map. I did get the opportunity to start a print project from start to finish, though. That was somewhat frustrating, but also very fun. If you’ve received a package from Tilteed before, then you know that we include one of our business cards. If you haven’t received one, then you should place an order! I won’t make you guys wait though, so here’s a picture to show you what I’m talking about.

Tilteed Hangtags

Along with printing those cards, I also got the chance to print some more t-shirts this past week, specifically one of my Tilteed Limited curations by YAWN called “Releasing Dark Matter.” I love the artwork by this German duo, so it was an honor getting to print their design. Definitely check them out if you don’t know who they are!

Releasing Dark Matter

This was my first time working exclusively with black ink, something that may seem like no big deal. Well, it turns out that black ink is the thinnest out of all the colors, with white being the thickest. With that said, it took me a few test runs to figure out how to best handle it for such a large print. For a one-color design, I found this shirt to be tougher to print than the three-color prints that I have worked with. I figure that it will just require some getting used to.

One thing that I should note is that what I’m having the most trouble with isn’t actually the printing, but everything else in the printing process. For example, washing screens takes a lot more than just spraying them with water. There are steps that must be followed in order, or else you risk messing up the silk screen for good. And then there’s the matter of scrubbing vs. not scrubbing and what hose setting to use. These minor details get quite complicated when you’re new to screen printing. I constantly return to my Moleskine notebook for notes. It all seems so simple and routine, yet I’m having such a difficult time figuring out what to do next. I am hoping that practice makes perfect!

Unfortunately, I am sick and in bed as I write this. So as to remind myself of the better Oregon days, I will leave you with some beach pictures from last Friday. It was cold and the water was freezing, but I was having a blast experiencing the Pacific Ocean from its western side (I’ve seen the Pacific from Thailand’s coast too). I definitely want to make it back there again when it’s a bit warmer.

Oh, and no dinosaurs this week. Next week, I promise!

Bo Visiting The Beach

Bo Visiting The Beach

Bo Visiting The Beach

Be sure to check out the latest at Tilteed. The shirt is called Wild Architecture and is on sale now for $12 but you can save $2 by using the coupon code “TILTCOTY” at checkout!

Wild Architecture

Sinatra Thermochromatic Prototype

The designer of this T-Shirt, Jayarr Steiner, runs a local screen printing service in Rochester, New York. He sent me a link to a video of this tee that he designed using thermochromatic ink.

“So basically the way this shirt design work is like this: When the wearer’s body is below 90 degrees the design on the left is how it will look. When its above 90 degrees the image of Sinatra will disappear and his tie will turn red. I want you all to know this isnt a concept shirt , i will have a fully functional sample printed by this weekend so if you have any interest in seeing it in action come by the shop!”

But of course, seeing is believing. Check out the video below to see the Sinatra tee appear in full glory.

Frank Sinatra Thermochromatic Shirt

Screen Printing Photo Tutorial by ApachCreation and Grafitee

Here’s a great tutorial that I stumbled upon on the French tee blog, Grafitee. The tutorial was done by French artist, Apach from ApachCreation. You can go here to see the original blog post, but be forewarned, it’s in French. If you don’t understand French then I’ve translated the original post (or Google did) here for the English speaking tee fans. Lot’s of pictures, so brace yourself – it’s cool stuff! *Everything in quotes was written by ApachCreation for Grafitee and was translated to English (don’t blame me if the translation is incorrect, blame Google!). Thanks to ApachCreation for such a great set of photos. 

“Here is a tutorial that will explain how to make a t-shirt silkscreened by hand. I did not have the equipment to carry out a t-shirt so I called Apach, a passionate screenprinter who is fairly well equipped.”

T-Shirt Tutorial by ApachCreation and Grafitee

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