Land of the Free: Official Threadless TSA Airport Body Scanning T-Shirt

You can always rely on Threadless when it comes to being on top of popular culture, even if it has to do with the newly implemented and controversial TSA airport security guidelines. This shirt seems like it came out of nowhere, I just spotted it a few hours ago on the left sidebar of the Threadless homepage. The T-Shirt was designed by photographer David Vincent Wolf, who, upon closer examination of his Threadless profile just became a member of the popular T-Shirt site less than a week ago.

Interestingly, Gizmodo posted the Land of the Free image seen on the Threadless T-Shirt in a blog post and said:

“Someone should make T-shirts with this image and sell them at airports. With a TSA logo on the back.”

Land of the Free obviously pokes fun at the incredible PR nightmare that is the US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration. Over the last week, there have been countless nightmarish TSA stories that have been spreading online. The stories range from the ability for the new body scanners to save nude photos to the cancer survivor who had a pat down that caused his urostromy (urine) bag to leak and spill all over his pants to the little boy that was stripped and given a pat down.

The stoic image on this T-Shirt sums up this whole messed up situation. Is losing our rights and liberties every time that we travel worth it?

Land of the Free is available now from Threadless for $18.

Image via Gizmodo.

Smile and My New Found Affinity for Purple

You know that I get excited whenever Glennz Tees releases a new T-Shirt, but today I am doubly excited because Glennz released a purple tee! I’ve been waiting for Glenn to release a purple (or Eggplant if you prefer the American Apparel lingo) for some time now. A quick glance at their shop and you’ll noticed right away that they’re are lacking in the purple department.

Why am I so hot over purple? Well, ever since I started rocking the eggplant colored Rhino Hunter tee from SharpShirter, I’ve kind of been in love. I guess eggplant works well with my skin tone and I am sad that it took me that long to figure that out.

Color aside, the latest Glennz addition is just awesome. Glenn Jones is indeed the master of inflicting the “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” syndrome.

Smile is printed on an Eggplant American Apparel tee and is available now from Glennz Tees for $19.95.