Threadless Reintroduces The Select Collection

A few months ago, Threadless began making a few changes to their website and catalog of T-Shirts. If you remember, they used to have a couple of different T-Shirt collections, including TypeTees, Kids, Select and of course the basic Threadless tees. Both TypeTees and Select we removed from the menu options (although Threadless continued to sell them alongside their basic Threadless tees).

As of yesterday, Threadless has brought back their Select collection of gourmet Threadless T-Shirts. The select line has always been their premium line of T-Shirts, but in the past, Select tees were curated by the Threadless staff and the designs were specific to the Select line. The new Threadless Select line now features popular and original Threadless designs that are tweaked, modified, “tinkered on, blown up, or scaled back” in some way.

If you remember, a while back, Threadless did a promotion with GiltMan [By the way, GiltMan is invite only so use this special invite to gain access to Gilt Man].  They sold premium Threadless tees featuring original designs that were modified in some way. Looks like they used GiltMan as testing ground for their reinterpreted Select line.

The Select line also features premium materials: “Printed with water-based inks, to be softer and eco-friendlier. Made with premium materials, like pima and organic cotton. Tees, tanks, but also tunics and pullovers.” Also of note are the styles made specifically for the ladies. If you’re one of those girls that think the basic T-Shirts is just a guy thing and have avoided Threadless because of this then you definitely want to check out the new Select line. Ladies can now choose from a selection of tunics, tanks, dresses and v-necks.

Select items are priced at $35 for guys and $35 to $40 for the ladies. Go check out the new Threadless Select collection!

Threadless Select

Clouds Within The Thunder

Dandy Lions

Threadless Tee Turned Comic

Joe Carr is no stranger to the Threadless community. In fact, he has been printed multiple times and is a regular contributing member at Threadless. You might recognize him by his Threadless screen name, Isaboa. Alongside the release of his newest Threadless tee, Carr decided to do something not seen within the community before. He created a comic Book based on his Full Throttle Threadless Select Design and has made it available for free download at his site, Antiquated Press. You can download the comic book inspired by the Full Throttle design here.

“The story is of an alien fighter, going about his daily routine. Interacting and working like we all do. The reader is given little bits of the alien’s life, the whole scenario begins to develop when the alarm sets off sending the whole dramatic sequence into action. I do have the rest of the play in my head and maybe I will draw it out, but I just wanted to leave it at the scene of the alien defenders heading into battle with an unbelievable foe… I felt like we pretty much have enough information about the shirt’s character at that point. He is a defender, a father and husband, a good man who puts his life on the line for his planet along with his fellows… his pals.”

If you wanna make the physical version, then print this file first. Next, flip the pages you printed back into the paper feeder and print this file. Staple along the spine, fold, and you’ve got Joe’s “Full Throttle” comic book!

Full Throttle by Joe Carr

Full Throttle by Joe Carr