Wear This T-shirt. Send a Black Fax.

It’s not just a black rectangle. No. It’s an homage to the Black Fax. Confused? Here you go, courtesy of Wikipedia.

“The term black fax refers to a prank fax transmission, consisting of one or more pages entirely filled with a uniform black tone. The sender’s intention is typically to consume as much of the recipient’s fax ink, toner or thermal paper or disk space as possible, thus costing the recipient money and/or denying the recipient the use of their machine (this is similar to computer-based denial of service attacks). This is made easier because the fax transmission protocols compress the solid black image very well, so a very short fax call can produce many pages.

Black faxes have been used to harass large institutions or government departments, to retaliate against the senders of junk faxes, or merely as simple pranks.

The basic principle of a black fax can be extended to form a black fax attack. In this case, one or more sheets are fed halfway through the sender’s fax machine and taped end to end, forming an endless loop that cycles through the machine. Not only can solid black be used, but also images which will repeat endlessly on the receiver’s machine until his or her toner runs out.”

Black Fax is available now from Cool Try for $20.

Emil Kozak Lazy Days T-Shirt Collection + Zine

It has been a long while since we lasted reviewed tees from our buddy Emil Kozak, who designs awesome stuff all the way in Spain. Spain is a far ways from Hawaii, but I do hope that I can make it there sometime in my life. What I can do (and do pretty well) is take advantage of lazy days. Lazy days tend to be a bit more rare nowadays, but on the few occasions when I do have a lazy day, I love to just relax on the beach and enjoy the sun and the waves. That’s my perfect lazy day.

Why all the talk about lazy days? Well, that’s the name of Emil’s latest collection. The collection features a set of three very well designed T-Shirts (I wouldn’t expect anything less from Emil), a zine with 60 pages worth of Emil Kozak goodness, and an Optical Birds poster printed on heavy art paper (70×50 cm).

The collection is very Emil Kozak. The eye-to-detail is always present in his work and his designs. I’d actually love to get my hands on one of the Lazy Days Zines. It must have been one of hell of a task to decided which of those designs (in the zine) would be selected as the designs to be printed on the T-Shirts. Lazy Days is a stellar collection.

The T-Shirts are priced between 35€ and 40€ (~$47 – $52 US), the zine is available for 35€, and the Optical Birds poster is priced at 180E (~$237 US). All of these items are available now at the Emil Kozak online shop.

Ugmonk: Minimal Series

Are you a minimal person? Ugmonk steps out of the box, a little, with their new Minimal Series. I say “a little” because, well, they’ve always been about minimalism. Maybe a better name for this collection would have been Shapes. Cubes, circles and triangles are featured on the new tees. I must say that I’m quite the fan of Mountains, (the triangle tee). The design and color selection contrast nicely on the black T-Shirt.

“Today we are introducing the new Minimal Series: 3 designs focused on shape, form and simplicity. We’ll keep the words to a minimum and let the designs do all the talking.”

The new minimal T-Shirts are available now at Ugmonk for $24 a piece, but you can use the coupon code “SPRING20″ at checkout for an additional 20% off your entire order (valid until May 15).

Now wouldn’t it be cool if the T-Shirts came shipped shaped in the shape the shirt is featuring?

Peace Is Simple

Cool shirt. I think that the product description sums up this shirt perfectly. There really isn’t much more for me to say about it. It’s simple and it’s beautiful.

The shapes are simple. The concept is simple. Peace is a simple concept; yet the world has struggled to comprehend it’s meaning and how to attain it. Robert Fulghum captured this idea when he said “Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make…” If we all tried to make peace, even if just for one day, imagine the profound impact that would have globally!

Peace Is Simple is available now from Random Objects for $23, but you can score 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code RANDOMOBJ at checkout!


This blog post is titled “Polygons” but the T-Shirt is called Polygon! How many polygons are featured on this shirt? Just two. That circle doesn’t count, remember. Or do you?

If you recall back to the days of your youth sitting in math class, you might recall in depth discussions about the invigorating world of polygons. Polygons, as I am sure you know, is a plane figure that consists of a finite number of straight line segments in a closed path. Squares, rectangles, triangles, rhombuses, pentagons and decagons are all types of polygons. But, a circle is not.

You can thank me for the math lesson, later. I’m sure that you appreciated it.

Back to the T-Shirt. Polygon is a fabulous design from the Spanish based indie clothing brand, Sr. Craneo Character Co. or Sr.CR! for short. With a brand name that includes “Character Co.”  I was certainly expecting some crazy cartoon type characters in the style of Tolky Monkys or even Wotto. This was not the case. Instead, I stumbled upon a very mature skate brand with a lot of urban kick. No kiddie stuff here. And I have to say that I was very impressed with their style. I even thought that their photography was top notch.

Polygon was my definite favorite from their line, but I can also recommend Astro Boy and Worldwide Domination – both are very solid tees. Polygon is printed on a 95% cotton 5% polyester T-Shirt and is limited to a print run of 50. You can pick up Polygon now from Sr. Craneo Character Co. for 21.00€ (~$29 US).

Frog Faced Diamonds

I enjoy receiving emails from my readers, but I enjoy even more receiving an email when it’s from a crazy faraway place like Glasgow, Scotland. The few things that I know about Scotland involve kilts, the Loch Ness Monster and Roddy Roddy Piper. And it turns out that Roddy Roddy Piper, famed WWE superstar isn’t even from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s a Canadian!

In any case, I can now add Frog Face Souply to the short list of things that I know about Scotland. Frog Face Souply is a husband and wife team that is in the business of making fun and intriguing T-Shirts. They definitely hit the sweet spot (for me, at least) with Diamonds, a shirt that was inspired by the classic Beatles track. And since we’re chatting about nonsensical and off tangent things like Roddy Piper being Canadian, did you know that Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is not about a psychedlic LCD trip but instead was inspired by a drawing that John Lennon’s son Julian did in nursery school that featured his childhood friend, Lucy. Yes, there is a real life Lucy and sadly she recently passed away.

Diamonds is a great gem of a T-Shirt featuring graphics that will bring you back to the days of playing classic 80’s arcade games. The design was hand drawn and each shirt was screen printed by hand. And since they used a tri-color blending method, each shirt has its own unique qualities – no two shirts are the same.

Diamonds is available now from Frog Faced Souply for £22.


Danger Gnome + Lame Mornings

Rethink Clothing’s tee designs have been getting a little serious as of late, but that all changes with Danger Gnome!

“A gnome is a diminutive chthonic spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus and later adopted by more recent authors including those of modern fantasy literature. Its characteristics have been reinterpreted to suit the needs of various story-tellers, but it is typically said to be a small, humanoid creature that lives underground.”

Imagine a shorter Danny DeVito with a beard and a cone hat, and you’ve got yourself a modern day gnome. Most people probably know about gnomes from the Travelocity commercials. But Danger Gnome from Rethink Clothing is probably the most epic of all. It reminds me of a fun re-imagination of Jonas Hovden’s Liquid Shot.

Danger Gnome is available now from Rethink Clothing for $19.99 but you can save an extra 20% by using the coupon code “COTY” at checkout!

Danger Gnome

Danger Gnome

And if the crazy gnome design isn’t enough of an incentive to buy the tee, then you NEED to watch this video featuring Andy from Rethink Clothing. He’ll give you a few reasons why Rethink Clothing make everyone morning just that much better!

30% Off Spring Sale at RANDR Tees

The good people over at RANDR (Rise and Resist Apparel) is having a huge Spring Sale. All items have been marked down by 20% and you can score an extra 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code “CLEANERS” at checkout. No mention of the end date for this sale so you better get on this while you can since it could theoretically end at any moment! They’ve got some amazing tees, so the sale is definitely worth checking out. See below for a few of my RANDR favorites!

RANDR Tees Spring Sale




Mt. Killrazorclaw + 2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

Our friend Eric Terry just released the latest Linty Fresh tee for the month of December and it looks like classic Linty Fresh. This multi-colored print features the character Mt. Killrazorclaw and a bunch of geometrical shapes with the Linty Fresh named worked into the design. It sort of reminds me of The Most Fantastic Things. As with all new Linty Fresh tees, Mt. Killrazorclaw comes with a special collector’s card featuring an accompanying poem. You can pick this tee up from Linty Fresh for $22.

Speaking of poems, Eric also released the first ever Linty Fresh Poem Book:

This 26-page booklet contains all of Linty Fresh’s 2009 tshirt designs alongside their respective poems. Features a foreward by the author and designer, and a thick-stocked satin cover with glossy pages.

The poem book is available now for just $3.99.

I should also note that in the recent Linty Fresh Chat #6, Eric announced that Linty Fresh will not be doing monthly releases on the first of every month. He will instead be shifting to a seasonal model.

Mt. Killrazorclaw

Mt. Killrazorclaw

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book