Arquebus Clothing: Don’t Give Up The Ship

The guys over at Arquebus Clothing recently got a hold of me to let me know of their latest release: Don’t Give Up The Ship. Upon first inspection, I was really drawn to the large type and styling of the new tee. In fact, I actually took the next step of exploring what the rest of their T-Shirt designs looked liked. Lo and behold, the rest of the line was awesome. The line sort of reminded me a bit of 410BC crossed with Random Objects – and that’s a good thing because both are brands that I love. My favorite from the bunch is the wonderful An Idea is Salvation by Imagination design. I really dig the colorway of this particular shirt as well as the quote by renown architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Did you know that I have a framed photo of Fallingwater hanging in my room? Yup.

The Arquebus Clothing designs featured below as well as a bunch of other awesome tees can be found at the Arquebus Clothing online shop and are priced at $20 a piece.

Moonbase Commander

I’ve been a fan of The Dept. and their sci-fi-ish tees for a while now. And so I was excited when they released three new tees a few days back. The Android character might not be present in any of these new shirts but they still do retain the futuristic vibe. Clean line art and brash colors along with text worthy of being on any promotional science fiction movie poster have always defined the shirts over at The Dept. And these three new tees don’t deviate much from that winning formula.

The new shirts featured below can be purchased from The Dept. for $22 a piece.

The Force!


Moonbase Commander


This tee, available at, was the winner of the “design a tee to be used in case of an emergency” competition. This winning tee was designed by the artist known as Gemma, who had this to say about her creation:

“SOS is the most common signal when there is an emergency in order to ask for help. I thought the t-shirt should have this purpose because it can be useful no matter what kind of emergency is happening. We know we’ll be carrying this tee with us at all times in case of a flat tire, fashion emergency, or just in case we need to flag down a taxi in NYC.”

This tee is available for $25 and is printed on an Ash Grey American Apparel tee. 20% of the profits from sales of this tee will go to benefit Architecture for Humanity.