Sensationalism + ShirtFight Update

The newest shirt from ShirtFight!, Sensationalism by mathiole, marks the end of a chapter and the start of a new one for the startup T-Shirt contest site. This was the last of the open contests at ShirtFight as they will be transitioning away from the T-Shirt contest model.

After next weeks Heavyweight challenge (a closed contest for those who have submitted to the site before) the ShirtFight staff will be focusing on marketing their existing stock of T-Shirts to a wider audience. They will still be adding new designs, but the ShirtFight staff will be curating those on their own.

Although it is sad to see ShirtFight abandon the weekly contests, I am excited to see how they innovate and change (for the better) in the next couple of weeks and months. Check out the video below, El Presidente and Miss Etti explain it all!

Sensationalism by mathiole and available at ShirtFight

$10 Sale at ShirtFight + Bonus

Our good friends over at ShirtFight is having an epic $10 sale! From now until next week Thursday you can choose from over 20 different ShirtFight tees, all marked down to an amazing 10 buckaroos – a steal for you T-Shirt fanatics. Oh, and one more thing. Score 10% off your entire ShirtFight order by using the coupon code “cotygonzales” at checkout. That $10 sale instantly became a $9 sale thanks to yours truly! Now go buy some shirts!

Angry Fishman Will Eat Your Face

Please Sir, Play Me The Blues

Death of a Sailor

The Knuckle Collision

The newest tee from ShirtFight is a serious knockout! I believe that this is the best ShirtFight tee to date and truly embodies what the site is about. I really love this shirt, love the whole vintage boxing poster feel. Plus, the illustration is hilarious! Previous ShirtFight winner, yonil, beat out a pretty tough crowd of designers to take the Heavyweight theme this past week so much congratulations to her!

Knuckle Collision by yonil for ShirtFight

Knuckle Collision by yonil for ShirtFight

Want to know what this upcoming week’s ShirtFight theme is? Watch the video of El Presidente and Miss Etti below and find out!

Ultimate Summer T-Shirt from ShirtFight

God, I envy that camel. Nice black shades for eye protection (very important) and a cold orange creamsicle on a hot day. What cold be better! I think this camel just inspired me to go to the beach over the weekend (the perks of living in Hawaii). 

Congratulations to tobiasfonseca for submitting the Ultimate Summer T-Shirt and winning last weeks ShirtFight. If you dig this 2 color super duper soft Plastisol Ink on creme American Apparel Tee ten pick one up not for the sale price of $13. 



Wee Man and the Masters of the Puny Verse

I absolutely LOVED He-Man and the Masters of the Universe growing. I had all of the action figures, bed sheets, everything! So it’s not surprise that I am in love with this parody tee from this past weeks ShirtFight theme – Good Vs. Evil. The tee is called Wee Man and the Masters of the Puny Verse and was designed by Gaunty. It’s a 6 color print on a white American Apparel tee. Awesome job, Gaunty!

Wee Man and the Masters of the Puny Verse

And of course, a new tee at ShirtFight means that a new contest has just begun! This week’s ShirtFight theme is: The Letter T. Pretty straightforward so all of you designer go and roll with it! And of course, the winning design, as always, will win $500 plus some awesome extra prizes.

The Sodahead Obsession

Sodahead has become somewhat of an obsession with the fellows over at Emptees. If you’re wondering who Sodahead is then you might want to check out the video below of the kid who has the uncanny ability to destroy Mountain Dew like it’s no ones business. Plus, I encourage you to watch till exactly 1:37 when the epic spider leg makes an appearance.  

Anywho, about a month ago, Jud of ShirtFight had created a contest of sorts for the best Sodahead tribute video and designer Killer Napkins had produced an awesome tee as the prize. Aubrey from Full Metal T-Shirt printed a few of these uber limited edition tees up for the winner, Jud, Miss Etti of ShirtFight and Killer Napkins. Talk about team work! These are produced on a per order basis so if you’d like one you need to contact Aubrey with your shirt size, address and payment of $20. Any questions about this T-Shirt should be forwarded here.



The Accent by 110specialblack

Oh my Panda! The Accent is such a wonderful shirt from 110specialblack and was the winning tee for this weeks ShirtFight theme, “Black, White, And???”! The panda is killer cute, love it! And that red robin, oh you inconspicuous little red robin. Sitting on top of that panda ever so innocently. The quiet ones are always the ones that you should keep your eyes on. 

Congratulations to 110specialblack for being the $500 ShirtFight winner for this week. If you’ve got the chomps to hand out the beat down (just like 110specialblack did this week) then head on over to ShirtFight and get started on your winning design for this upcoming week. The Accent is available now from ShirtFight for $15 (that’s the special one week only sale price, so get it now). 

The Accent by 110specialblack

The Accent by 110specialblack

And of course, with every winner comes a new ShirtFight theme. This week is no different and the theme for all of you aspiring designers is “Video Games Vs. ?”. Good luck to all those who enter!

ShirtFight #5 Winner is Geisha by alanis

Congratulations to alanis for creating the winning design for ShirtFight #5. If you remember correctly, the theme was Miss Etti’s Birthday and she had an entire list of birthday wants. She chose Geisha as her favorite design and alanis earned a cool $500 for being the winner of ShirtFight #5! 

Geisha by alanis

Geisha by Alanis

For those of you who think that they’ve got the chomps to jump into a ShirtFght then dust off your mouse and start to prepare for ShirtFight #6: Shirts of the Future! Check out the video for more information.

Rats Live On No Evil Star by Sassatattoo

Sassatattoo came out on top of this weeks ShirtFight design challenge with his Rats Live On No Evil Star design! The theme was hidden subliminal messages and as you can see from the winning design, there are some mysterious changes occur once the glow in the dark ink kicks in! You can pick up this tee for just $15 right now! 



And of course with every new winner announced come a new ShirtFight challenge and this weeks new theme is … dun dun dun … Miss Etti’s Birthday! Yup, another birthday but hey, she’s got her own set of stuff on her wishlist! Good luck to all that enter and may the best ShirtFighter win!

El Presidente’s Birthday by Greg Abbott

This weeks ShirtFight winner comes with compliments from designer Greg Abbott. The design is called El Presidente’s Birthday and fittingly so! The ShirtFight theme, was, you guessed it – El Presidente’s Birthday. And if you are a little confused, let me fill in some gaps. El Presidente is one half of the pair that runs ShirtFight and it was his birthday this past week. Greg did a wonderful job at squeezing in a bunch of the things that El Presidente had on his birthday wish list. Congratulations on the win, Greg! You can pick up this weeks winning tee at ShirtFight for the sale price of $15 (it’ll be $21 in a week so buy it now). Also, they’ve got a great interview up with the winning artist, you can check that out here. 



If you think you  have the chops to beat out the competition then why not try your hand at this weeks ShirtFight theme: hidden subliminal messages! Check out the video below for all the details that you’ll ever need. This ShirtFight ends on April 9.