Nick Automatic’s Doodle Store Sneak Peak

To say that Nick Automatic is killing would probably be an understatement. Nick Automatic founder, Nicolo Nimor, has been hustling like crazy in his native Philippines and has built up quite a following in his homeland (and beyond). Not content with the occasional pop up shop, Nick Automatic will now have it’s own dedicated shop in Cebu City, Philippines.

Nimor plans to open the doors to his newest venture this Thursday, September 24. He even posted a sneak peak of his shop on the official Nick Automatic Facebook page. Though still a work in progress, I have to say that things are looking pretty tight. Hopefully I can nudge Nicolo into sending me a few more photos of his shop and of the grand opening?! Nicolo, you there? While we wait for those photos, check out some of the upcoming Nick Automatic tees below.

If you live in the Cebu City area or will be visiting the Philippines sometime in the near future then be sure to stop by the Nick Automatic Doodle Shop:

Door 12, Borromeo arcade blg.
F. Ramos st. CEB

Nick Automatic's Doodle Store


Nick Automatic

A Visit To Jon Wye’s New York City Boutique

I’ve been a fan of Jon Wye since he first contacted me in 2008 when I was just starting out with this blog. He was one of the first guys that saw potential in my website and he even sent me one of his custom leather belts for me to check out and review. I was a newbie to the blog scene back then and so it was a bit more difficult to get products to review than it is for me now. Needless to say, I was blown away by his generosity and by the fact that he was excited by my site and what I was doing.

Since then, I’ve been following the Jon Wye brand and have provided updates here whenever possible. The most exciting news from Jon Wye recently was the opening of his brick and mortar shop in the Flatiron district of New York City. It’s a little boutique that is located inside The Limelight, an old church that has been converted into a three story market space for fledgling creatives and entrepreneurs.

Jon Wye is known for his custom made leather belts and his store has every variety that you could ever want. It’s an eclectic style that will appease anyone who is looking for complimentary accessories that do not comply with the status quo. Jon Wye is much more than the status quo, he is original and his products inspire creativity.

Unfortunately, neither Jon nor his right hand man, Jeff, was there when I stopped by. However, the nice young lady that was manning the store was quite nice. I told her that I knew Jon and that I had blogged about his products in the past. She was more than happy to allow me to snap photos of his shop and I was more than happy to snap away.

The shop itself is amazing. I shouldn’t be too surprised considering Jon has an impeccable eye for detail and perfection. It’s a small space but it is pretty grand. There’s a fireplace in the shop and also a cheeky little painting of Jon that graces you as you walk up the steps to his shop. And of course, you’ll find all of his T-Shirts and belts neatfully displayed against the walls. Located on the top floor, it is as if the Jon Wye shop is the centerpiece of The Limelight. When you first enter the old church and then look up, the bold red and yellow Jon Wye insignia just captures you.

If you are ever in New York City and have any interest in T-Shirts and/or quality leather products, then Jon Wye is a must stop destination. Tell him that I said hi!

Jon Wye
656 Avenue of the Americas
3rd Fl Limelight Marketplace
Manhattan, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Flatiron








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Lady Umbrella Opens Up Shop

Our friends over at Lady Umbrella, Rob Ryan and Elena Montes Casado, recently opened the doors to their very own brick and mortar shop! That’s right folks, Lady Umbrella no longer just exists online, you can actually stop by their physical store and buy their designer T-Shirts! The Lady Umbrella shop is located in the Loft Market in Powerscourt Shopping Centre, which is located in Dublin, Ireland. If you live in the area, or plan to be around Dublin in the near future, then definitely be sure to check them out!

“We can’t believe it is happening but we are opening up a shop in the Loft Market this Friday..It will be the culmination of a lot of hard work and we’re just delighted to have been given this chance…”

Way to go Lady Umbrella!

Lady Umbrella
The Loft Market, Powerscourt Shopping Centre
59 William Street South
Dublin, Ireland






A Visit To Gama-Go’s San Francisco Boutique

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the chance to stop over at Gama-Go’s flagship San Francisco boutique located at 335 8th Street in the SOMA neighborhood. GAMA-GO, which was started in 2000 by an art school dropout, traveling curmudgeon, and an amateur taxidermist, opened their first retail store just about a year ago. I had been invited by Adam Nace, one of the PR gurus at Gama-Go, to stop by the store and take a look around. I’m really glad that Adam had contacted because if he had not I probably would have missed visiting their awesome shop. Unfortunately, because of scheduling (I stopped by on a Saturday) I didn’t have a chance to meet with Adam or the founders.

The shop was surprisingly very spacious, and this gives you lots of room to explore the various GAMA-GO goodies. I had a fun time rummaging through the different designs while my girlfriend thumbed through the fun non-tee GAMA-GOODS. All of the shirts that I had lusted for on GAMA-GO’s online store was available at their boutique. I left GAMA-Go with two yeti-centric T-Shirts, Sequoia Solo and Yeti King, both of which I had been wanting to get for some time. I kind of wish that I had gotten the rest of their Yeti themed tees! Here are a few of the photos that I took:

Gama Go




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