Are You Muzed?

Muzed Wear is a brand new skate/snowboard focused brand based out of Canada and they are ready to take over the world. Started in the summer of 2010 by two high school buddies, Muzed Wear is intent on combining new fashion trends with different types of skate and snowboard styles.

They currently have 4 tees available for sale featuring two different designs in two different colorways. Both designs are typographic heavy, with one featuring a grunge type look while the other features simple tight kerning that is reminiscent of the Itself logo. My favorite of the bunch would probably be the simple mu. logo tee.

Muzed Wear is still very much a young brand and I think that they are still trying to figure out what their unique style is. Based on their current crop, I wouldn’t know that they were targeting extreme athletes like skateboarders, longboarders and snowboarders. Needless to say, I am interested to see where they go from here. The founders sound like a couple of enthusiastic and passionate hustlers so I am excited to see what they do with this project.

The T-Shirts are priced at $19.99 a piece and are printed on Gildan blanks and available for sale now at Muzed Wear’s online shop.

By the way, you must be wondering what the meaning of muzed is? I thought it was short for amuzed. It actually means: Stoned on music, and can also be described as a lasting eargasm.

Diamond Head Clothing

Diamond Head Clothing is an energetic Hawaii based brand that meshes together tikis, skateboarding, surfing and music. They actually sent me a package a while back, but alas I never had the chance to feature it on Co-Tee TV (it will be featured and reviewed, so keep an eye out). However, I did notice a post about the brand on Emptees and had a chance to checkout some of their offerings.

They currently have a mix of T-Shirts, tanks, beanies and shorts in their store, but their bread and butter is their T-Shirts. For the most part, their designs are quite colorful and very loud. They sort of reminded me of Dream Gold. My favorites from the bunch were the two most subdued shirts that feature the tattoo like Diamond Head Tiki Crest. I actually think the shirt would have looked even better with just the tiki design on the front sans the Diamond Head type treatment. Or maybe they could have placed the Diamond Head type on to the top back of the shirt at a much smaller size.

The Diamond Head Clothing T-Shirts are priced from $12 and the Tiki Crest Raglan can be had for $18. Go grab a piece of the Hawaiian Islands now!

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Sr.Craneo Character Co.

Sr.Craneo! is a new brand with a bold and distinct style. I like the typography and the simple 2 color prints. The shirts have a very urban feel which I dig. The hand character seen on a few of their shirts are a bit reminiscent of Mickey Mouse, but that just might be me and my imagination. Other than that, I like it! Also be sure to checkout the Sr.Craneo Big shop, they have some interesting product shots. The designs are printed on American Apparel tees and sell for €22.00.

“Sr.CR! is a project of lifestyle and urban expansion with brand name, with an attitude and personal view of urban activism. It´s inspired by big cities nowadays life, skateboard, hip-hop, black film, old-school culture, the do it yourself, basket… It has reminiscences to the first companies of skate and street wear, it´s an independent movement inside a community and culture that’s born on the street. Sr.CR! is produced in limited editions, taking care of details and quality, in fact, most of the clothes have a specially pattern design for Sr.Craneo Character Co.”




Loyal To Your Soil Spring ’09 Collection

Loyal To Your Soil recently unveiled their new Spring 2009 Collection and I have to admit that this line is hot. I actually dig their new duds much more than their older designs. They’ve got a couple of tees infused with some southern California flavor, but all the designs should appeal to anyone into board sports, especially skateboarding. 

The tees are printed on 100% ringspun cotton and are available now for $18.99. But, since Loyal To Your Soil is part of the Attack of the Coupon Codes you can save 10% when you use the coupon code “cg10″!

Fat Cop

Loyal To Your Soil

Southern California

Loyal To Your Soil

Donut Patrol

Glorious Nonsensities 2×02: Failed Launch, 410BC and Skate Wolf

In this episode I wear Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis and review a tee sent to me by 410BC. The 410BC tee is called Skate Wolf and is a parody of the Michael J. Fox 1980’s classic,Teen Wolf. Sorry about the knocking midway though – I didn’t even notice it while recording, yikes! Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!


You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on

Coty’s Thoughts:

Skate Wolf by 410BC. Good: Fancy custom packaging, did a good job of sewing on the custom hang tag, very soft and comfy tee, very complex print, lots of colors. Bad: A bit tight around the neck. Price: Currently Not Available for Purchase. 

Skate Wolf by 410BC

Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis. This week’s starter shirt is available for purchase from Threadless. I love the huge print!

Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis

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