Sleepy Dan: You Snooze You Lose!

There seems to be some sort of indie T-Shirt rennaissance happening in Dallas, TX. Fur Face Boy, Grits Apparel … and now Sleepy Dan. Dallas is certainly home to some playfully inspired up-and-coming indie T-Shirt brands. Sleepy Dan is certainly one of those up-and-coming brands that you should keep an eye on.

Sleepy Dan recently released their first collection of T-Shirts, aptly named Series 1. The collection features a set of 6 T-Shirt designs loosely centered on the theme of sleeping. So expect to see things like alarm clocks and pillows in the Sleepy Dan designs. Sleepy Dan also features a few homages to pop culture, as seen in the Sleepy Bowser and Big D T-Shirt.

The Sleepy Dan T-Shirts are priced at $26 a piece and are available now at the Sleepy Dan Shop. You can also find a limited selection of ladies sized tees and a Series 1 Sleepy Dan sticker and button fan pack.

More Sleep Please by Collective Edition

I definitely need more sleep, but, don’t we all? Can I share a secret? I love sleep! Sleep is the natural energizer. Ironically, I am writing about this shirt when, theoretically, I should be sleeping! Theoretically because it’s about 11:30 pm and I need to wake up at around 6 am tomorrow! So much for 8 hours of required sleep!

More Sleep Please is available for sale at Collective Edition. You need to contact the Collective Edition crew via email (there’s a mail order request button) and let them know you want one!

More Sleep Please by Collective Edition

via Tee Pulp.

I Like Naps by Thrush

Naps should be a standard at work, just like lunch. I love taking naps and as such I love this shirt! I Like Naps is actually a one-of-a-kind tee that was created by Denver based Etsy designer, Thrush. According to the product page, this shirt is “a tribute to the t’s of the 80’s, this shirt says “I Like Naps” in the famous t-shirt font. It’s printed on an upcycled, preowned t-shirt.” I’m not sure how many of these tees Thrush created, but unfortunately for you, they are sold out. 

Want to make your own? Pick up some Iron On Transfers of this retro font here and proceed to create. 

Via Like Cool and Why Me Design

I Like Naps

Insomniac Innovation by Glennz Tees

Now this is a tee that suits me! The newest tee (released yesterday) by Glenn Jones of Glennz Tees, Insomniac Innovations, is the perfect tee for anyone who likes to stay up during the weee hours of night all the way into the early morning. This is also the first tee in Glennz shop to sport Glow In The Dark ink, which is pretty cool and goes well with the theme of the shirt. Insomniac Innovations is available now for $19.95. I don’t own any tees by Glenn yet, should this be the one that I pick up?

Insomniac Innovtion

Insomniac Innovations