Superman Caped Knee High Socks

These Superman Caped Knee High Socks from 80sTees is so bad that they’re awesome. Seriously, if you’ve got the audacity to use these socks (of course, with shorts not long pants) then you’ve earned a pair of thumbs of up from me. There really isn’t much more to be said about these.

The Superman Caped Knee High Socks is available now from 80sTees for $10.00.

And if you’re amongst the die-hard group of people that will dig these socks then you probably will love Justice League: Doom, the latest DC Animated movie. Justice League: Doom is available now from Amazon for $18.99.

7-Striped Knee-High Fur Face Boy Socks

Socks! Few of you might know this, but I’m actually a sock nut! Okay, that did not sound very appropriate. I swear to GOD that I typed that with a clean mind. Seriously though, I love socks. I’ve got a drawer full of weird socks with different designs, stripes, colors, etc. The funkier, the better. So I have to give my boy Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy propos for branching out and releasing custom made Fur Face Boy high-knee socks. They look awesome and I bet they feel just as awesome.

These fancy 7-Striped Knee-High Fur Face Boy Socks are available now from Fur Face Boy for $12.