New Tolky Monkys Character Shirts

Our friends from Spain, Tolky Monkys, has just released some new tees featuring some new Tolky Monkys characters! And of course, each of the new characters have a backstory:

The first, Muerte, is a veteran with 6 different designs on the back. We’ve called this last one “vanity-fear”. We hope you get the play on words when you see the design ;] It’s centered in the middle with graphic details on the back. Additionally, we have 2 new characters: The astonishing neighbors of 33C, scientists who are passionate about discovering new things, and Bluby Birdo, the Character that we have used for the 5th Edition of Micro-stories.

The new character tees are available now from Tolky Monkys and are priced at 22 EURO a piece and comes available in different colorways for those of you who enjoy choice!

Tolky Monkys

Tolky Monkys

Tolky Monkys

Designer Tees by Emil Kozak

I recently stumbled upon an amazing designer from Barcelona, Spain. His name is Emil Kozak and he has a wonderful collection of clothing, accessories and screen printed posters for sale on his online portfolio site and shop. And let’s not forget, he has some amazing tees! If you check out his shop, be sure to stop by view his portfolio, he has done some amazing work for Kelly Slater, Nike and Element just to name a few.

The tees do come with a hefty price tag of 35.00 € ($46 US), but, just from the product views I can say that I honestly want one (or a few)! That simple, yet effective, signature cloud tee had me at hello. Enil Kozak is definitely a designer that I will be keeping my eye on. What’s even better is that all orders from now until May 1st will come with a free Emil Kozak typeface called Circulitos.

The Original

Stonecold Hearts

Ordenanza cívica