Music Mountain by Lyndsey Lesh

Former Beautiful/Decay intern, Lyndsey Lesh created this stunning design, titled Music Mountain. It’s actually the June T-Shirt of the Month over at the Beautiful/Decay online shop. I’m definitely digging this design and I absolutely love the colorway. Pick up this shirt if you’re  fan of music and wonderful art! Now, if only I knew how to spin records.

As with all Beautiful/Decay Shirt of the Months, this tees will be offered as a unique colorway and will be limited to a run of 300 shirts. The tee is available now for just 20 bucks, which is 33% off the retail price. Essentially, you’re getting a limited run Beautiful/Decay tee before it’s available anywhere else! And even when it is available at retail outlets, this colorway will be no more! So buy it if you like it, now. 

Music Mountain

Music Mountain

Classic Video Games by Faux Sure

Here’s a great tee designed by Brooklyn based brand, Faux Sure. If you’re an old school gamer then this tee will bring twinkles to your eyes! My old school gamingness only goes back to the NES. I am remember how skilled I was in the art of blowing into the cartridge. Though, I am sure that for many of you gaming started before the NES. Atari anyone? I think I’m going to dust off my old Game Boy and play me some Super Mario. 

Classic Video Games

Here are two others tees from Faux Sure, in the same style as Classic Video Games. I really dig this style! All of the tees are printed on American Apparel and are available at Faux Sure’s Etsy Store for $21.50. Even better, you get a free tote bag with every order of $40 or more, which means that if you’re planing to pick up two tees then you get a free Faux Sure tote! 

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