Spun Dry

Spun Dry is another goofy design from one of my favorite T-Shirt designers, Glenn Jones. But, besides the actual T-Shirt, what do you think of those custom Spidey whitey tighties! What geek wouldn’t want to have Spider-Man’s logo covering his crotch. OK, maybe that would be just a small proportion of geeks – but still.

If you either 1. love Spider-Man, or 2. secretly want a pair of Spidey branded whitey tighties, then head on over to Glennz Tees to pick up Spun Dry for $19.95.

Spun Dry

Spun Dry

Crazy Go Lucky Presale

It’s been a very long time since I’ve featured a design from Crazy Go Lucky. Why? Because there’s been a lack of new designs, that’s why! But that all changes right now. Crazy Go Lucky founder, Crazy Mike, has put up for pre-sale four new designs and a reprint with a custom poster. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!

I think that Crazy Mike hit a home run with the design he chose to print with this release. The new shirts are fun, colorful, loud and hip. They’re infused with an anine type style that we’ve seen in past Crazy Go Lucky designs. Feeling Froggy is a bit Kermit-ish which is cool considering I’ve been wanting to see a parody type tee from Crazy Go Lucky for some time now. This might be as close as I’ll get to that. The new shirts are available now for pre-sale at Crazy Go Lucky for $18.


Feeling Froggy

Believe In Your Dreams

Night and Day

Monkey Mayhem