This blog post is titled “Polygons” but the T-Shirt is called Polygon! How many polygons are featured on this shirt? Just two. That circle doesn’t count, remember. Or do you?

If you recall back to the days of your youth sitting in math class, you might recall in depth discussions about the invigorating world of polygons. Polygons, as I am sure you know, is a plane figure that consists of a finite number of straight line segments in a closed path. Squares, rectangles, triangles, rhombuses, pentagons and decagons are all types of polygons. But, a circle is not.

You can thank me for the math lesson, later. I’m sure that you appreciated it.

Back to the T-Shirt. Polygon is a fabulous design from the Spanish based indie clothing brand, Sr. Craneo Character Co. or Sr.CR! for short. With a brand name that includes “Character Co.”  I was certainly expecting some crazy cartoon type characters in the style of Tolky Monkys or even Wotto. This was not the case. Instead, I stumbled upon a very mature skate brand with a lot of urban kick. No kiddie stuff here. And I have to say that I was very impressed with their style. I even thought that their photography was top notch.

Polygon was my definite favorite from their line, but I can also recommend Astro Boy and Worldwide Domination – both are very solid tees. Polygon is printed on a 95% cotton 5% polyester T-Shirt and is limited to a print run of 50. You can pick up Polygon now from Sr. Craneo Character Co. for 21.00€ (~$29 US).

Sr.Craneo Character Co.

Sr.Craneo! is a new brand with a bold and distinct style. I like the typography and the simple 2 color prints. The shirts have a very urban feel which I dig. The hand character seen on a few of their shirts are a bit reminiscent of Mickey Mouse, but that just might be me and my imagination. Other than that, I like it! Also be sure to checkout the Sr.Craneo Big shop, they have some interesting product shots. The designs are printed on American Apparel tees and sell for €22.00.

“Sr.CR! is a project of lifestyle and urban expansion with brand name, with an attitude and personal view of urban activism. It´s inspired by big cities nowadays life, skateboard, hip-hop, black film, old-school culture, the do it yourself, basket… It has reminiscences to the first companies of skate and street wear, it´s an independent movement inside a community and culture that’s born on the street. Sr.CR! is produced in limited editions, taking care of details and quality, in fact, most of the clothes have a specially pattern design for Sr.Craneo Character Co.”