Co-Tee TV Episode 14: Chop Shop, Phanica and Hope Floats

In this episode I wear Nerdbot 1.0 by Chop Shop and review Hope from Phanica, a new tee brand based out of Wisconsin, inspired by a book on business and life, and started by Phil Keys during his early days in college. I’ve got coupon codes that you can use at both of the featured online shops so be sure to take advantage of those to save yourself some cash. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Hope by Phanica. Good: Printed on American Apparel so if you have experience with American Apparel you’ll know what size fits best for you, very comfortable, huge print, gradient on design looks great, tagless screenprinted label on neck for itch free comfort, fancy hangtag adds a professional touch, and lots of extra goodies included with tee for double the fun-ness! Bad: No problems with the shirt, I just wished that the rest of the Phanica line was more in the style of this tee, hopefully future tees will continue in this direction or maybe we will see more collaboration tees with Phil and his father. Price: $19.99 but you can save 15% if you use the coupon code “COTY” at checkout.

Hope by Phanica

Nerdbot 1.0 by Chop Shop. Design will appeal to any Trek fan and did I mention it’s dirt cheap! Plus it comes with a temporary tattoo, you can’t beat that! Printed on a Hanes Beefy T and has a custom Chop Shop neck tag. This shirt is a steal! Price: $6.00 but you can save 15% if you use the coupon code “cotygun” at checkout.

Nerdbot 1.0 by Chop Shop

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Vince Vulcan by Cloxboy for Sham Wow Fans!

Here’s a another great design brought to you by Cloxboy! We’ve all seen those Sham Wow infomercials on TV and probably have them embedded in our brains by now. If you haven’t seen those Sham Wow commercials then by all means check out the video below. Now, stop having a boring life and pick up this Star Trek/Sham Wow mashup! It can be yours for the low price of just $20. That’s right, $20! It’s a steal and just a on time payment. You can be proactive and change your life forever by picking up Vince Vulcan for one easy payment of $20! Sham Wow, you’ll be saying WOW ever time!

Vince Vulcan by Cloxboy

Vince Vulcan by Cloxboy