Desired Hearts Sneak Peak

Our good friends over at Desired Hearts (read the interview I did with them a while back) is getting set to release a new line of Tees! They recently gave a sneak peak of the new line during the unveiling of the new Desired Hearts website. The new site looks solid but what I am most excited to see is the new line of tees, which were designed by Benny Gold.

“Welcome to the new best thing in your life. Or, what some would call our new site. We decided to do things differently this go ’round. No strategy. Just passion. And a whole lotta street. All real. FYI, the online store is dropping first thing in August with new shirts designed by Benny Gold. Nab one or two. We know, they’re rad as hell. Stay tuned for more. It’s go time!” -Desired Hearts

Desired Hearts Sneak Peak

Desired Hearts X Benny Gold

Desired Hearts Stickers

Ice Cream by Brivia Sky

I love ice cream! My favorite? Probably either Rocky Road or Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin-Robins. This shirt from Boston based Brivia Sky is the perfect shirt for the ice cream fan! The colors kind of remind me of Rainbow Sherbet. You can pick up this tee from Brivia Sky for $40. What’s you favorite flavor of ice cream?

Brivia Sky is an exclusive brand influenced by creativity and singularity.We pride ourselves on making clothing and accessories that are 100% original. We pride ourselves on making clothing and accessories that are original because we are people that follow our own blueprint. Brivia Sky was created for sneaker-heads, hipsters, skaters, and people that are not afraid to be that one person that stands out in a crowd. 

Brivia Sky