Paul McDonald’s Rhinestone Manuel Suit T-Shirt

Say it with me: The Paul McDonald’s Rhinestone Manuel Suit T-Shirt. Wasn’t that a mouthful? Now you might be asking, who the fuck is Paul McDonald? If that’s the case, then you haven’t been watching the totally enthralling Season 10 of American Idol. Yes, friends, I am a longtime viewer of the greatest guilty pleasure, American Idol. And I am not ashamed.

Simon Cowell might be gone, but the true stars of the show continue to sing their hearts out. My favorite contestant this season, and my pick to win it all, is singer/songwriter-esque Paul McDonald. He’s got a great vibe and I just love the tone of his voice. I thought he outshined everyone with his Top 24 performance cover of Rod Stewart’s Maggie May (see below).

Even more appealing, though, is his choice of wardrobe. During the “Hollywood Week” portion of the competition, McDonald sported an epic technicolor rhinestone encrusted dream suit. It was awesome. In fact, the suit goes back to his days with his band, The Grand Magnolias. Speaking of the Grand Magnolias, I took a listen to their recently released album (released November 2010), and it was pretty damn good. This left me to wonder why McDonald left the Grand Magnolias for Idol fame.

As far as the rhinestone suit, McDonald had this to say:

“It broke my bank, but it was an investment, like a guitar,” the sharp-dressed man recently told The Hollywood Reporter, discussing the signature suit he’s been rocking since his pre-“Idol” days with his Nashville band, the Grand Magnolias. – via Yahoo Music

Now I bet you’re dying to know where you can get that rhinestone encrusted dream suit. Sorry to disappointment, but I have no clue as to where you can pick up a similar $4,500 suit. What I do know is that you can pick up a replica in T-Shirt form the Grand Magnolias official online store for $24.99.

Photo credit: Lyndon Jackson Photography

Ignoble’s Dino Boy

Santa Monica based Ignoble is known for their screen printed, hand numbered and short run tees. Their latest creation, Dino Boy is no different. Dino Boy is limited to a print run of 50 tees and features a black print on a slate American Apparel shirt.

Not a suit and tie person? If this true of you then this is a T-Shirt that you have to own. The whole point behind this graphic is to tell the world, loud and proud, that the suit and tie salesperson needs to go extinct. NOW.

Extinction is a reality. Scientists will have you believe it is a measureable quality, one that can be monitored, tracked, and traced. So we ask, why the hell do only cool things ever seem to go extinct? Enter Dino Boy.

Don’t get us wrong, ‘DB’ is a COOL graphic, and we’re rocking this shirt proudly. But society willing we’d have the whole lot of suit-and-tie salespeople extinct by morning, no further questions asked.

Dino Boy is available now from Ignoble for $22.95.

Dino Boy

Dino Boy