Ugmonk x Verde Styles: Premium Bamboo Sunglasses

This collaboration between Ugmonk and Verde Styles makes me quiver. I love it. I’ve always been a fan of wayfarer style sunglasses and so these bamboo frames will fit right in with my collection of multi-colored Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. We’ve teamed up with Verde Styles for a special collaboration on our latest product: handcrafted bamboo sunglasses.

A small Ugmonk ampersand has been engraved on each side and the distinct bamboo texture makes each pair truly unique. 1.1 polarized lenses make these glasses not only stylish but a solid pair of shades. Also, each pair comes in a custom bamboo case and a microfiber pouch to keep the shades safe when they’re not on your head.

The sunglasses are available in two color options: natural and brown.

The Ugmonk x Verde Styles: Premium Bamboo Sunglasses are available now from Ugmonk for $115.

Co-Tee TV Episode 89: Mad Cow, Dead Puppies, and Lotsa Swag

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review two logo T-Shirts from Mad Cow and Dead Puppies Clothing. Mad Cow started in 2004 as a skateboard company. Now in 2011, Mad Cow has taken the leap into the apparel industry and strive to offer high quality products in the skate and clothing industries that anyone can enjoy. Mad Cow concentrates on promoting the idea of being yourself. Dead Puppies Clothing is a brand based out of Philadelphia that is bringing a fresh approach to streetwear while having as much fun with popular culture as possible.

Use the code “COTY” for 20% off at Dead Puppies Clothing!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Mad Cow Logo Tee by Mad Cow. Pros: Right away, I was impressed with the package that Mad Cow sent me, even before I saw the T-Shirt. The Mad Cow packaging is very neat and goes very well with their “cow” theme. They decided to go with a milk box for their T-Shirt packaging! It seems obvious for a brand whose theme is cows, but, to actually go forward with such a crazy idea is very cool. When you rip open the milk box, you’ll find your Mad Cow tee neatly rolled and waiting for you.

I received the Mad Cow Logo Tee to review and couldn’t be happier. I’m a sucker for logo tees and the Mad Cow logo is fun, simple, and somewhat curious. Curious in that I’ve already had a few people ask me what the cow was and what brand I was wearing. They used an Anvil blank which had a nice premium style fit. The fabric was also nice and soft.

Some of the T-Shirt details include a custom neck tag and tag on the lower left seam of the T-Shirt. Both are excellent additions and really add to the quality feel of the T-Shirt. You’ll also find a custom hang tag, which is neatly presented on hard cardboard stock  and not flimsy paper stock like other brands. The QR code on the back is also a fun addition to the hang tag and a great way to engage your audience and get them to visit your website.

Cons: The Mad Cow packaging was stellar and well thought out and the product had a nice build with a lot of custom elements. The only issue I had (and I had to dig deep for this one) was with the “registered trademark” symbol [®] on the front of the tee. I know it’s there for legal purposes but I tend to favor tees that bypass this. Needless to say, the Mac Cow logo tee was a very well rounded T-Shirt with great packaging.

Price: $20.00.

Dead Puppies Logo Tee by Dead Puppies Clothing. Pros: The Dead Puppies Logo Tee features a bright teal outline print on a black T-Shirt. The logo definitely pops out of the pitch black tee. The tee is also tagless, which is great for those of you who cut them off anyway. Instead of a tag, you have a screen printed neck label instead. Another great feature of this T-Shirt is the custom DP embroidered tag on the lower left hem of the T-Shirt. The label is very subtle, with just the white lettering popping out. On the back of the tee you’ll find the initials DP.

The product itself, the Dead Puppies T-Shirt, is flawless. The shirt feels great and you can tell that a lot of thought went into the tiny details. I’d love to see the logo used in different ways for future products – maybe some parody tees?

Dead Puppies also included two other products in the package that they sent me, including their Wayfarer styled sunglasses and their blue Straight Jacket watch. Seriously, it’s like they read my mind before they sent this package. I’m a sucker for wayfarers and actually have a few Ray Bans. The blue Dead Puppies sunglasses don’t have the same build quality of my Ray Bans, but, they feel good and fit great. And, they’re like 75% cheaper than a pair of expensive Ray Bans – count me in. They also come with a nice pouch for when you’re not wearing the sunglasses. The logo is printed on both sides of the shades, I kind of wish that the logo was a separate metal or hard plastic emblem affixed to the shades. Other than that, for $12, you really can’t go wrong.

The final part of the swag pack that Dead Puppies Clothing sent me was their Straight Jacket blue watch. I was definitely most excited when I saw this item for the first time. I’ve actually been wanting to pick up a similar styled watch. The watch looks good and feels good when worn. At first, I didn’t notice an obvious Dead Puppies branding on the watch, however, when I took a closer look at the face I did notice the DP initials. This is awesome – no obvious branding, instead, they let the product speak for itself. Very nice. It also comes in a snazzy box with a little pillow to protect the watch. Imagine if the rest of the packing was just as nice.

Cons: Everything about the products was stellar. I definitely said “wow” more than a few times when seeing the products for the first time. The only let down was the packaging. The products are so great that I kind of wish that the packaging was just as good.

Use the code “COTY” for 20% off at Dead Puppies Clothing!

Price: Dead Puppies Logo T-Shirt ($24.00); Dead Puppies Sunglasses ($12); Dead Puppies Straight Jacket Watch ($30).

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Design a T-Shirt and Win a Ton of STUN Sunglasses!

Arizona based indie Sunglasses maker, STUN, is celebrating 70,000 Facebook fans. That’s a lot of Facebook fans! They are so stoked that they are having a T-Shirt design contests – their first one ever. You design a STUN T-Shirt and the STUN team will select their favorite three. From there, the STUNation [all you STUN fans] will vote for the winning design.

Of course, there are prizes. Some pretty dope prizes to be exact. The prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize: A STUN pack which includes every single pair of shades we offer, a hat, a sticker, and of course, a copy of the winning shirt.
  • 2 Runners Up: A pair of STUN sunglasses of your choice and a copy of the winning shirt.

Head on over to the official STUN website for more details and a link to a high res version of the STUN logo for use in your design. All art files will be accepted so get creative! Everything is fair game. Submit all entries to tdesign [at] Enter as many times as you’d like!

New to STUN shades? These are some of my handpicked favorites. You can also check out their full line of STUN shades here.


I’ve got a friend that loves to wear those flip-down clip-on sunglass attachments. Seriously, he freaking loves them for some odd reason. It’s probably because he’s stuck wearing eyeglasses and refuses to convert to contacts. Understandable, but still…

And so when Glennz Tees released The Cooler, I instantly thought of him.

And since those are 3D glasses, I thought I’d mention that I saw The Last Airbender in 3D, at the 12:01 opening show no less. I had never seen the cartoon but all of the friends that I went with were avid fans of the popular Nickelodeon show. They all thought that it sucked – really bad. They were all hihgly disappointed. I thought it was OK, a good popcorn flick. I guess going in blind to the show I didn’t have much expectations and the hype was minimal for me. I’m glad.

Cooler is printed on a Slate American Apparel blank and is available now from Glennz Tees for $19.99.

Cooler by Glennz Tees

Cooler Glennz Tees