The Gifty 50 and Welcome To Lesbian Town

To celebrate 50 issues, Swedish based T-Post will be giving away a bunch of tees – they will be gifting 50 teees every 6 weeks to loyal T-Post fans.

“But there’s a slight catch — a rather fun one. Not only do you have to follow T-post online to know the exact time of release and be quick enough to snag one, you cannot keep it for yourself. It’s called The Gifty 50. And it’s a chance for the lucky few to send a free gift, i.e. T-post’s latest issue, to the person of your choice.” Follow T-Post now on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Gifty 50

If you’re unfamiliar with T-Post then be sure to check out Co-Tee TV Episode 36 were I feature this unique tee brand. Add in case you’re wondering, here’s Issue 50, Welcome to Lesbian Town, designed by Jessica Eriksson.

Issue 50 T-Post

Co-Tee TV Episode 36: Exploded Atari, T-Post and Piracy

In this episode I wear Exploded Atari 2600 from The Exploded Store and I review Issue #44 and Issue #47 of T-Post, the first wearable magazine! Be sure to subscribe at T-Post today to start receiving your first issue in the mail!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Issue #47 designed by Siggi Eggertsson and available at T-Post. Pros: Amazing attention to detail on these shirts, inside the shirt you have a printed editorial and on the front you have the artist interpretation of the editorial. T-Post uses American Apparel blanks so you know that I love the fit and feel and the softness. The tees are tagless for itch free comfort. The designer info accompanies the editorial and is printed on the inside of the tee. T-Post tees are unique and one of a kind. Cons: No ordering of back issues at T-Post. You need to “subscribe” to T-Post in order to receive future issues in the mail. Luckily, you only get charged when a new issue is released rather than having to order a years worth of issues (tees). Price: 19 EUR ($28 US).

T-Post Issue #47

Exploded Atari 2600 by The Exploded Store. Pros: I love receiving tees from the Exploded Store because they are always a conversation starter! If you’ve got a friend who is a gamer or a geek I am sure that they will be able to appreciate this tee as a present. Exploded Atari 2600 is printed on an American Apparel blank. Cons: None, it’s simply a fun, techy shirt! Price: $17.

Exploded Atari 2600

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