The Gifty 50 and Welcome To Lesbian Town

To celebrate 50 issues, Swedish based T-Post will be giving away a bunch of tees – they will be gifting 50 teees every 6 weeks to loyal T-Post fans.

“But there’s a slight catch — a rather fun one. Not only do you have to follow T-post online to know the exact time of release and be quick enough to snag one, you cannot keep it for yourself. It’s called The Gifty 50. And it’s a chance for the lucky few to send a free gift, i.e. T-post’s latest issue, to the person of your choice.” Follow T-Post now on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Gifty 50

If you’re unfamiliar with T-Post then be sure to check out Co-Tee TV Episode 36 were I feature this unique tee brand. Add in case you’re wondering, here’s Issue 50, Welcome to Lesbian Town, designed by Jessica Eriksson.

Issue 50 T-Post