This Is Spinal Tape

Looking for some interesting packing tape? This is the roll for you. Brought to you by the fine people over at BustedTees. And of course, while you’re there you can even buy a T-Shirt or two!

It’s also useful for those of you that simply like to put tape on your bodies. Are you one of those?

This Is Spinal Tape is available now from BustedTees for $8. Click on the Fun Stuff category to find it.

Old School Dance

This is an interesting promotion from the guys over at Uneetee. They are offering a two for one special on their latest design, Old School Dance by fistofartist. Right now, when you purchase Old School Dance you will be sent two shirts in different colorways (gray and red) for just $17. That’s pretty rad. You can keep one for yourself and give the other away or, even better, keep both of them for yourself! But remember, sharing is caring. If you’d like to mix the size or gender then you need to contact the people at Uneetee when you place your order.

Thye’ve also got a few more promotions going on. You can save off your order by using the coupon codes UGRAD10 or DAD10 at checkout. But, if you want to save even more then use the coupon code SUMMERTEE for a whopping 15% off your order. Awesome.

Old School Dance