Fur Face Boy Series 4 Sneak Peek Teaser

Hey. You. Want a sneak peek of the upcoming Fur Face Boy Series 4 collection? Well here you go! Our buddy Ha Mai posted a few photos, albeit blurred out ones, of his soon to be released Series 4 Fur Face Boy T-Shirts. You might recall that Co-Tee TV episodes 70-79 were dedicated to the Fur Face Boy Series 3 line. Needless to say, I’m seriously stoked to see what he has in store with this Series 4.

Based on the photos, I’m guessing that the new line will have around 8-9 new T-Shirts. Maybe a remix if Bearmai? I also extracted images from a high speed GIF that Ha Mai posted over on the Fur Face Boy blog to get a closer look at the new goods.

Fur Face Boy Series 4 releases THIS Saturday at The Public Trust Gallery. If you plan to go then be sure to RSVP. I’m sure that these will also be posted online soon after the offline release.

BIG QUESTION: What do you guys think will be on the Series 4 tees. We all know that Ha Mai loves to infuse his childhood and pop culture into his designs so what do you think he has in store for us with Series 4? Post your thoughts in the comments.