T-Shirt Day 2009 Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in Wednesday’s T-Shirt Day contest! There were 22 people that submitted correct answers and I randomly selected one (1) person as the winner of the $50 Threadless gift certificate courtesy of Tee-Junction.com and one (1) person as the winner of the Prestigious Clothing T-Shirt package. Check out the video below to see the winners get selected! Be sure to follow T-Shirt Day on Twitter to find out where and when the next contest will be held!

Co-Tee TV Announcements

The last 7 or so months blogging about the indie tee community has been amazing! I’ve been having so much fun writing about some great indie tee brands and designers. And I’ve met some amazing people during this time.

I just wanted to let you guys know that along with this blog, I now also write at T-Shirt Magazine and Tee-Junction. Moust from T-Shirt Magazine has been awesome to work with and through him I have been able to interview some up and coming designers and brands, some of which, I had never heard of before. Likewise, Adam Fletcher of Tee-Junction has been such a pleasure to work with! He has given me creative freedom to write at Tee-Junction on a daily basis and I have been having a blast doing just that.

Co-Tee TV Video

The video blogs have been doing great! I currently have two shows that are available for your viewing pleasure. I’ve re-branded my Glorious Nonsensities Tee Review podcast, it is now called Co-Tee TV! I thought that the old name was a bit long winded. Co-Tee TV is now available on Vimeo, Viddler, Blip.TV and most recently, YouTube! If you’re into the YouTube community than feel free to subscribe to my videos – you’ll be notified each time I post a new episode!

And it gets even better. All past and future episodes are now also available on iTunes! This is amazing for me especially since I am such a huge Apple fanboy! What does this whole iTunes thing-a-ma-jig mean to you? Well if you’ve got iTunes installed on your computer you can subscribe to my podcast and have all episodes of Co-Tee TV downloaded straight to your computer. And if you’re an iPod or iPhone user you can sync Co-Tee TV episodes so that they go straight to your portable device. Pure awesomeness.

Co-Tee TV on iTunes

Coty Loves Threadless TV has been going good as well. Despite a lack of Seesmic activity, I have had a positive response from regular readers of my site. I will be adding Coty Loves Threadless to my YouTube channel from now on, too, so that I can take advantage of the huge community of YouTuber’s. Pumping out two video blogs every week has been a fun experience. Didn’t think I would be able to pull it off, but, I have and so I will continue to pump out original and fun content!

And finally, Twitter! This social network has been amazingly good to me. The amount of interaction that is possible, instantly through Twitter, blows mind. If you’re on Twitter then add me, I am twitter.com/cotygonzales.

A huge thanks to all the readers at cotygonzales.com! I appreciate all of your support. You are all awesome.