Awesome Threadless Quilt

An intrepid member of the Threadless community, ladykat, has spent the past year putting together a quilt made up of Threadless tees donated by members of the Threadless forums. Last June (2007), ladykat proposed the idea of creating a Threadless quilt by asking for donations of used Threadless tees that people didn’t want anymore. 

The response from the Threadless community was astonishing. ladykat received nearly 100 shirts, enough to make 2 full size Threadless quilts comprised of 49 Threadless t-shirts arranged 7 squares by 7 squares. Each square prominently displays a design from one of the many unique Threadless designs. Very cool.

What’s even cooler is that ladykat will be giving away the one-of-a-kind Threadless quilt (this includes her hardwork and the donations of countless Threadless members!). To be eligible to win the quilt you need to 1. Write an original short story, essay, or poem somehow relating to Threadless tees or designs (1000 words max), 2. Enter the Threadless Calendar Contest, 3. Join the Threadless Product Shots Group on Flickr and upload at least one product shot. Click here to read the official rules of the contest. If you don’t win the contest, don’t worry, remember there are two quilts! The second Threadless quilt will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity. Get ready to bust out your checkbook if you go that route!

And without further ado, heres that awesome Threadless quilt made from donations and love!

UPDATE: I just got an email from ladykat (Kate) herself and she wanted to clarify what she’ll be doing with the 2nd quilt that she’ll be making. 

“The auction for charity thing went by the wayside because I really wanted any Threadless fan to have a shot at winning the quilt, which would have meant a raffle rather than an auction, but there’s no easy way to do a legit raffle online. There are all sorts of weird state laws with raffles, it’s totally annoying. I ended deciding that my priority was having someone who cared win the quilt.”

“So yeah, it was actually a tough decision but I really wanted the quilt to go to a good home and just couldn’t figure out the charity thing in a good way. Originally I was just planning on making a quilt for myself, but when I got all those tees I knew I had to make another to pass on to a Threadless fan… and I knew I had to start with the one that I’d give away because otherwise I might never finish it! Someday… somehow… I’ll finally get around to that second quilt. :-)” – ladykat (Kate)

CollisionTheory Wins Design By Humans Contest!

Congratulations to CollisionTheory for winning the huge $10,000 Design By Humans T-shirt design contest! CollisionTheory’s Black Hole Sun edged out BRCollective’s Altitude Sickness tee to win the coveted prize. 

“Inspired by solar eclipses and my continuous fascination with all things cosmic. Credit goes to Chris Cornell for the shirt title. =) This will go well with my Electric Sky shirt. Hope you like it.” – CollisionTheory

CollisionTheory did leave a post on the Emptees boards after someone posted a congratulatory thread. Here’s what he said:


“Wow! This is the best thing to wake up to. It’s a little disappointing that they didn’t print the original colorway I designed though.

Anyway, I’m honored to have competed against the best. It reaffirms my belief that my less drawn, abstract style can go well against the top illustrators in the game .After all, art should be diverse and dynamic so I’m bringing my own style and vision to the table no matter what other people say.

To Jimiyo, even in competition, you have been supportive and pushed me to promote the design the best way I could. I owe you a beer my friend.

And lastly, to emptees, had it not been for this site, I would not have matured into the artist I am today. And winning in any tshirt competition would have been farthest from my mind. So I hope this serves as an inspiration to every guy and gal starting out.

So there just had to say that. Now go buy my shirt you foolz!” – CollisionTheory

9 Barack Obama Tees

The elections are quickly approaching and that means there are tons of presidential propaganda tees floating around. I’ve searched the net and have found 9 Obama tees, most in obvious support of the candidate and one, obviously with an agenda against the candidate. What do you guys think? Have you stumbled upon any Obama tees of interest?

Move On. Cool retro lookin’ Obama tee by the Move On people. 

Obama. Those fingers are pointing at you. It’s up to you to make a choice.

Obama in ’08. This is probably the most controversial of the 9 tees here. Apparently it is being sold in a suburban Atlanta bar and the bar owner claims he is not racist. Yeah, right.

Super Obama. I love this shirt! And what makes this shirt 10x even more awesome is that it’s designed by Alex Ross.

Obama. Lovely vector artwork by Cloxboy at Design by Humans.

B.A. Obama. A-Team Fan?

Terminator. Yeah, he’ll be back. Hopefully for the next 8 years. As president.

Obama is the New Black.

Barack to the Future. If you’re a geek (that’s a good thing) then this is the shirt for you!

Indie Tee Spotlight: Linty Fresh

I LOVE t-shirts, especially one-of-a-kind indie T-Shirts that are available online. A nice T-Shirt is like eye candy, it’ll make your eyes drool and mouth all wattery (ok, that hardly made any sense). So, in lieu of the Glorious Nonsensities podcast I thought that every week or so I would highlight a couple of indie tee designers whose work I admire and whose tees I wear!

For the inaugaral post I thought I would start off with a brand that I just learned about a month ago, and that brand is Linty Fresh. Linty Fresh was started by Eric Terry, who runs Linty Fresh out of his home in Marietta, Georgia. It all started for him when he began submitting tees into the never ending Threadless design competitions. His design, Once Upon A War, although was not selected to be printed, earned him positive reviews and more importantly, tee cred! And so Eric decided that he would do a limited print of Once Upon A War and offer it up for pre-sale. To his surprise, people were buying the shirt, and thus the Linty Fresh, or the beginnings of Linty Fresh, was born! 


Now if you notice Eric’s designs, many of them contain characters that look quite similar, with the mouth being the defining characteristic (in my opinion, Eric might disagree). Nonetheless his branding efforts are obvious and effective. I even think that his characters have the potential to go mainstream, they’ve got delicious-I-want-to-squeeze-you feel like those adorable Sanrio characters. 

The price points at Linty Fresh are in line with other indie tee brands. Tee’s are usually in the 20 buck range and hoodies in the 40 buck range. If those sound expensive don’t fret, I’ve bought Linty Fresh shirts for as little as 5 bucks, you just need to be on the look out for special discounts (In fact, he’s got a 5 bucks shirt on sale right now). The shirts themselves are made from American Apparel tees, so you know they are sweatshop free! And the actual product that you receive in the mail is quite professional. So if you like what you see here, be sure to check Linty Fresh out on the web! And let me know what you think of his designs and what companies you think I should check out for the next Indie Tee Spotlight.