New T-Shirts from Monsieur Eureka + New Site

Our friends from Monsieur Eureka just released their brand spanking new website along with some new T-Shirts. First off, I have to speak about how great the new site it. The old site wasn’t too shabby, but this new site takes things to the next level. I’m really looking forward to some of the new additions to the site like the Web Theater. Most of the text on the site is in French though, so that makes things a little tough for me, especially since the Mystery Story sounds so interesting!

Of course, the shirts are as wacky and as unusual as ever before! The crazy characters and the the stories behind these characters are what make this brand great. My favorites from the bunch include Creme Molaire and Limoname, both of which are available now from Monsieur Eureka now for $25.

FixPix Icon: For The Guy That Loves Pink

It takes a special kind of guy to wear pink. The kind of guy that oozes confidence and is very self-assured about himself is often the type brave enough to sport a pink T-Shirt. The pink T-Shirt wearer is not afraid of ridicule. The pink T-Shirt wearer is a brave soul with an impeccable taste for fashion. A guy that wear a pink T-Shirt does not mind eyeballs starring and fingers point, instead, he embraces those things. Having said all of that, it takes an extraordinary man (not just a special man) to wear a pink T-Shirt with a set of teeth and three popping eyeballs.

If you are that man then I salute you.

FixPix Icon is available now from eBoy for $40.

And in case you’re wondering, this design is based on the awesome iPhone game, FixPix. The eyeball and teeth design on the front of this T-Shirt resembles the icon for the game. Check it out here and download it from the App Store for $1.99.

FixPixIcon by eBoy

FixPixIcon by eBoy

FixPixIcon by eBoy

When Sweets Turn Sour

When Sweets Turn Sour is the newest tee from German based T-Shirt contest site, A Better Tomorrow and was designed by a blog favorite, Dale Edwin Murray. The shirt features some pretty feisty hard candy treats, including what looks like a seemingly hardcore candy cane! Too bad our teeth weren’t made to withstand endless amounts of sugar, but then again, our hips would probably suffer if we did have that ability!

The lesson here, kids? Brush you teeth and those meanie candies will have a harder time poking holes into your treasured teeth. Give your enamel a chance to succeed!

Pick up When Sweets Turn Sour from A Better Tomorrow now for 26,00 €.

When Sweets Turn Sour

Vampire Meets The Hound

Are you into vampires? If so I’ve got just the shirt for you. It’s called Vampire Meets The Hound and it’s by a brand that I just discovered called Young Lovers. You’ve got to love the fangs and the throwback 80’s look. No fancy colors but I think the black and white fits this shirt just fine. All Young Lovers tees are printed in 100 print runs so if you like Vampire Meet The Hound I suggest you pick one up now. It’s a little pricey, but hey, you can’t put a price on fashion! This shirt will set you back $59 AUD or $38 US.

Vampire Meets The Hound

New Tees From Kosher Ham

Kosher Ham has been on a roll the last few weeks releasing oodles of news tees, all kosher of course (we wouldn’t want them any other way). Check out four of my favorites from the recent releases. All shirts, except for Am I Missing A Tooth ($15.99) is $19.99 they’re all printed on American Apparel blanks. And remember, Kosher Ham always has the buy 3 get a 4th tee promotion – so pick up any 3 Kosher Ham tees and receive a free Kosher Ham logo tee! 

Am I Missing A Tooth is my favorite from the bunch! It’s from the newest comedic classic, The Hangover. If you haven’t seen that flick, do yourself a favor and check it out! You’ll laugh. You’ll laugh hard. And then you’ll hurt from all the laughter. 

Am I Missing A Tooth by Kosher Ham

Vince Shlomi has got nothing on Billy Mays. Billy Mays is a TV infomercial GOD. Pick up this shirt from Kosher Ham and profess your love for all things Billy Mays. 

Informercial God Billy Mays by Kosher Ham

Oh you know you used to watch Saved By The Bell. Don’t try to hide it! I admit I used to watch Saved By The Bell religiously! I was a preteen, afterall, at the peak of the shows popularity. And I think I’m a better man for it! Zack Morris for president. 

Zach Morris Is A Man Whore

Let’s just say that Michelle Obama didn’t really have any big shoes to fill. Our first lady has style, class and spunk. Be envious! 

Michelle Obama

And I just had to include this clip of “Zack Morris” on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s really him. I’m waiting anxiously for the Saved By The Bell reunion on Fallon! Does Mark-Paul Gosselaar not age?