What Goes Around Comes Around

Fresh off of their Co-Tee TV Episode #75 feature, our friends at Random Objects decided to release a new tee! The shirt is aptly named What Goes Around Comes Around – and for good reason. Design wise, it just makes sense. The tee is minimal and to the point, both qualities that I really dig when looking for new T-Shirts to feature.

Some people call it Karma, while others say “You reap what you sow”. Either way, your actions inevitably lead to positive or negative consequences. So why not try and say and do positive things for yourself and others. This will benefit you in more ways than you could ever image. Or you could choose to do malicious and harmful things. Just remember “What goes around, comes around.”

What Goes Around Comes Around is available now from Random Objects for $20.


Hello: Word Bubble

So the word bubble has seen a resurgence of sorts with the explosion of Web 2.0 design elements. You do not have to look far to see the word bubble incorporated into brand logo. Heck, I’ve even used it for Co-Tee TV! But this shirt from Endangered Wear takes the word bubble to the next level. Seriously, to the next level.

Hello is limited to a print run of 50 and is printed on a red American Apparel tee. You can pick one up today from Endangered Wear for $17.99.

Hello by Endangered Wear

Hello by Endangered Wear

It’s Party Time!

Let’s say for a moment that you didn’t know this shirt spelled out Party Time. Let’s say you thought PAR, TYT, and IME were one of those fancy Internet acronyms kids used these days. What would PAR, TYT and IME stand for?

PAR: Peak At Rear (what does this even mean I have no idea?)

TYT: Take Your Time, Text Your Tits

IME: I have no idea.

Think of something for IME and post it in the comments! Party Time is printed on American Apparel blanks and you can pick one up from Wahey Clothing for £15.

Party Time by Wahey Clothing

Human Ingredients

Now here’s an interesting shirt from MySoti user and UK based graphic designer and illustrator, ropi. I have to say that I dig the concept a bit more than the actual execution of the shirt. It’s called Human Ingredients and I am guessing that it’s supposed to look like what we would see on something like a can of SPAM or similar food items. I actually would have preferred the list on the back of the tee and minus the UPC code. What do you guys think? Like it? If you do, you can pick it up from MySoti for $20.46.

Human Ingredients

The Problem

The Problem by Ben Chlapek is the featured September tee from monthly T-Shirt site, 200 Nipples. Have I mentioned how much I love the name of the site? Well, I do. If you’re familiar with 200 Nipples then you know the deal: 100 shirts are printed, and are sold based on the shirt number. So, if you decide to buy shirt number 28 you’ll pay $28. If you’re the unlucky bastard who decides to wait till the 30th of the month then you might end up paying $100 for tee number 100.

As far as the shirt: I love it! I used to (and still at times do) sketch weird and random sayings in my notebook. What else to do when you’re bored in lecture? What kinds of things would you sketch in your notebook while you were bored in class?

The Problem

The Problem

One Hundred – New Ugmonk Tee

Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk just released his newest design, One Hundred, and as expected it goes well with the rest of his font focused line. It’s a three color design that shows off the numbers 26 and 74 overlapping. And if you’re wondering why the name One Hundred – just do some arithmetic and add up the numbers! I’d love to find out why he chose the numbers 74 and 26 – if you know why post in the comments. 

One Hundred

In other news, Sheldon is bringing back his classic And Then I Woke design in a different colorway from the original design. He’s letting the people decide which colorway gets printed so be sure to vote for your favorite on his blog. 

And Then I Woke Up