E=mTPM by The Printed Mind

I’m a sucker for anything Einstein. You have to admit, Albert Einstein was a cool dude. His unique persona, crazy hair and revolutionary ideas, made him the most recognizable scientist in the world. He made science mainstream. I’m a fan of Einstein because I appreciate the fact that his contributions allow me to do what I do. Science!

e=mTPM is a part of a new line of tees from a favorite on this blog, The Printed Mind. It’s vintage black and white Einstein infused with neon goodness. The design is printed on a tagless black American Apparel tee and is available for purchase now for $19.99. And for a limited time, you’ll get a free poster thrown in with your order (offer good until supplies last).

e=TPM by The Printed Mind

The Printed Mind Posters

Sale at The Printed Mind

I’ve always been fascinated by the human brain, how it functions and how we behave as a result. It’s no wonder my day job involves me trying to figure out what’s going in inside the heads of some very interesting people. Because of this I was excited when Levi Hardeman (formerly of Word! Apparel) started his new venture, The Printed Mind. His goal was to start to clothing brand that focused on that marvelous orgran, the brain.

If you want to stock up on brain-filled tees then be sure to check out the current sale at The Printed Mind. They are making room for a new release so it’s the perfect time to get the current stuff at a cheaper price. They have one shirt even marked down to $5.99. Insane!

Food For Thought

The Scientist

Stay Smart

Do The Carlton!

This highlarious shirt comes to us courtesy of The Printed Mind and was designed by illustrator and artist, Gaunty. I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air and so when I spotted this tee over at Emptees images of Carlton doing his patented dances started to flow through my mind. Carlton was infectious and his moves, well, they were corny yet classic.

You can pick up Do The Carlton from The Printed Mind for $19.99. Relieve the 90’s with some Carlton swingin’ goodness!

Do The Carlton

Do The Carlton

The Printed Mind Sneak Peak

Levi Hardeman just showed off some of the new products for the upcoming The Printed Mind line of tees and I’ve got them here for you to checkout. You might remember Levi from his previous successful venture, Word! Apparel.  From the photos it looks like The Printed Mind is going the Johnny Cupcakes route and will be parodying pop icons. The initial line already parodies the films Major League and Terminator.

This post is more a tease than anything else, since you can’t buy these guys just yet. The Printed Mind is set to launch, I believe, within the next or month so – just in time for summer. Be sure to click “more” to see ALL 7 promo shots.



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