Jake Nickell All Over Print

Jake Nickell also known as skaw to the Threadless faithful posted this picture of him in a tee with, well, himself printed on it! The shirt was printed by a company called Nodbod, that specializes in all-over-printing. I’ll surely have to review Nodbod in the future, maybe send in my own funky picture to use as an all-over-print, though, something tells me that if I did have a tee printed with my face plastered on the entire shirt that it would look unbelievably tacky. 

Jake Nickell in a Nodbod Shirt

Threadless Bestees 2008 – My Picks!

Threadless today announced their upcoming Bestees 2008 Awards. The grand award, as always, is the Design of the Year award, and with that distinction also comes a prize of $20,000. All 326 designs released by Threadless in 2008 will be up for voting and the design with the most votes will be the big winner. This should be interesting since I would assume that many people would recruit friends and family (as many as they can gather) to vote for their designs.

$20,000 prize:
Design of the Year: My pick for Design of the Year would have to go to the Jimiyo vs. AJ Dimarucot mashup, When Panda’s Collide. The print on this tee is huge and let’s not forget the star power of the designers involved – both of whom were finalist in the Design By Humans $10,000 contest. However, for some reason, the Monster Mash Collaboration of Horror might do well due to the overwhelming amount of hype this design earned in the blogs throughout the year.

When Panda's Attack

$10,000 prize:
Designer of the Year: I’d give this award to Olly Moss. He continually pumps out awesome designs and has proved not to be a one hit wonder. I’ll also throw fatheed into the mix for this one.

Olly Moss

$1,000 prizes:
Newcomer of the Year: alexmdc did a great job with Bird Migration, the Threadless Loves Travel winner. 
Unprinted Designer of the Year (plus a design printed): Not sure because I don’t really follow works in progress and unprinted designs.
Blogger of the Year: ladykat would be my pick – she put together two great contests in 2008 in the Threadless blogs.
Gallery Photographer of the Year: ir0cko, this guys consistently pumps out cool gallery photos. Check out his Flickr if you don’t believe me. 
Collaboration of the Year: Monsters Collaboration: Monster Mash Collaboration of Horror by Monster Mob. Lots of Threadless designers helped to make this tee and thus it should win. Plus, who doesn’t like monsters! This design has to win one of these awards and it would be most fitting if it won Collaboration of the Year.

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Threadless Loves Travel – Bird Migration

I am not sure how this one slipped me by but Threadless announced their Threadless Loves Travel winner earlier this week and to no surprise the winner was Alex Solis and his Bird Migration entry. 

Alex won a huge prize pack courtesy of Threadless, which included a round trip for two to Iceland and $2000 cash and much more! What’s even cooler is that the band Calexico wrote a song inspired by the Bird Migration entry – titled Absent Afternoon. You can download the track for free here!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Here’s what Alex said about what inspired his entry:

“A little story behind the design, I was on my way to Bulgaria for a competition, and I was stuck on the plane for 18 hours, I had an idea for a while, about migration and the process, and thought it fit perfect with the TRAVEL theme, and what better place to draw it then on the plane while traveling, I was a bit sad I was going to be away from my daughter, and that build to the design, me wishing I could take everything with me every time I travel far.” -Alex Solis

Bird Migration

Bird Migration

OMG…A Threadless Calendar!

The Threadless Calendar Contest calendars have been printed! And I have to say that Mr. September looks good in his worldwide calendar premier! If you want one of these badboys then email contest coordinator and Threadless staple, ladykat. The calendar costs $15 + shipping. 

Ladykat has got a thread about this running on Threadless so be sure to check that out if you need more information on the calendar – the only 2009 calendar you will ever need! To see the rest of the images found in the 2009 OMG…A Threadless Calendar then be sure to checkout ladykat’s Flickr page. 

Threadless Calendar

Coty in The 2009 OMG...A Threadless Calendar!

The Emptees Top 12 of 2008

Every day Emptees selects a Tee of the Day based on “loves” received by members of the site. From this selection of tees they then go on to select a Tee of the Month. Here are the 12 Tee of the Months for 2008 as seen on Emptees.

If the tee is available for purchase then I’ve added the buy link (just click the image), if not, it’ll bring you directly to the appropriate Emptees page!

The only question left to ask is – who will Tee of the Year? It’s a close race between When Panda’s Attack and Colorblind! Now Ooogle on and enjoy with tea and a nice tee!

December 2008: Sarcaphagross by discordantart

November 2008: Rilla Gorilla – Octopus by discordantart

October 2008: Salt The Wound: Smell The Roses by BrandonHeart

September 2008: Kanye West by Killer Napkins

August 2008: When Panda’s Attack by Jimiyo vs. Collision Theory

July 2008: Eternally, Always, Forever The Sickest Kids by Incarnadine

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life an amazingly designed tee by designer Aled Lewis (aka as fatheed), a frequent submitter to Threadless who has had his designs printed many times before. If you’re unfamiliar with his designs, check out some of my Aled Lewis favorites: Punk Rock Cock, Self-Sufficient and Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes. 

The Meaning Of Life - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

If you like The Meaning of Life then be sure to vote for it at Threadless. The more votes, the greater the chances of it being printed!

On a side note, what is the Meaning of Life to you? 

Blik: Threadless For Your Wall

Are you a Threadless fanatic? Have you got every single Threadless design and yet need more Threadless? If so, I’ve got just the thing for you. Blik produces wall graphics based on  your favorite Threadless designs. They have a total of 47 different designs and they continually add new designs. You can even vote for which Threadless designs should be made into Blik wall graphics. 

The Threadless wall graphics range in price from $25 to $75. Make no mistake about it, these wall decals are huge, perfect for nude walls!

Girl Injured From Horse, Get’s Cool Threadless Tee!

I wanted to blog about this a few days ago but got distracted. Anyway, I thought it was a cool story to share as it shows that no matter how huge a company or brand is, showing that you care about the customer can go a long way. 

A few months ago, Threadless forum member, outline, posted a blog in which she said:

Story short, I was breaking in a horse and he threw me into an old fence, and part of the fence post went through my right leg, and shattered my knee cap. it also went clear through the fleshy part under my knee, and until this morning i hadn’t been able to move anything below my knee. But I wiggled my toes! Yay!” 

As I was reviewing the old comments and updates to this initial post, it turned out that she needed a couple of surgeries and have been blogging about it on Threadless for the last two months or so. A couple of days ago, she received an unexpected care package from Threadless that included the Threadless tee, The Sound of Color by The Boy Fitz Hammond, with messages written on it from various Threadless staff. Since they couldn’t make it out to South Africa to sign her cast, they sent her a signed tee instead! How cool is that? Very cool. 

You can find more pictures of the tee on her Flickr page!

Threadless Blank Tee Photos Flickr Group

Here’s a great find for tee designer that I just discovered today. It’s a Flickr group for blank tees that can be used for mock up’s when submitting designs to Threadless. According to the group disclaimer, the images provided can be used by any designer in any way they see fit for any Threadless submission. This means that you can modify the images as you like. However, I could not find any mention as to whether or not it is kosher to use the images for design competitions outside of Threadless (i.e. Design by Humans, Uneetee, etc.). Also, it is posted that if you do use an image and your design is selected and printed by Threadless that you agree to provide a free shirt to the model in the photo (the person who uploaded the photo). 

Last I checked, there are over 700 blank tees available for use. This is definitely a great resource if you submit designs to Threadless regularly and are looking for fresh new models and/or blank tees. The site is maintained by Threadless forums regular, chelly.