This is How You Lego A Theadless T-Shirt

On a scale of 0 to 100, with o being radless to 100 being amazingly rad, this Threadless T-Shirt to Lego build conversion by Alex Eylar scores an astounding 100 on my radness scale. Alex took the recently released, Tetris themed T-Shirt, and “rebuilt” it using some oversized Lego’s. Alex originally posted the photo over on his Flickr page.

Threadless Tetris T-Shirt in Legos

And here is the original Threadless T-Shirt, Let The Game Continue by Eduardo San Gil. Interstingly, the shirt which was just released last week Monday is no longer found in the Threadless catalog. And trying to access the direct link to the T-Shirt leads you right back to the Threadless catalog. Was the T-Shirt taken down because Nintendo complained? I wonder.

Let The Game Continue

The Threadless Sketchbook

If you enjoyed the 76 Threadless Designs from Sketch To Print post then you will definitely be interested to know that the Threadless community has just released a Sketchbook containing classic Threadless designs. I say “Threadless community” because this really is a collaborative project that started with the Threadless blogging community. Here’s the full story:

It all started when MurrayMullet (Phil Jones) posted a blog on the Threadless forum, asking alumni for sketches of their printed designs. To quote the blog, “They can be just the idea, initial attempt or napkin drawings.”

The blog blew up and people were posting “like crazy and sh!t,” says speedyjvw (Joe Van Wetering). In fact, it got so bonkers, another Threadless dood, Ian Lieno thought it would be cool to compile all of this into a book, with ALL of the funds going towards Bloggerraiser. What’s Bloggerraiser? Well, for the n00bs, its an annual Threadless blogger-driven fundraiser that brings folks from all over to our annual meet-up in September, aka our Family Reunion.

The book is an amazing compilation of original sketches of over 120 Threadless shirts from 66 different artists, with the forward written by Mr. Jake Nickell himself. Pick up the book over on Lulu for $19.99. Awesome job, Ian, and thanks to all who contributed!

The Threadless Sketchbook is available in paperback form and is 120 pages long. You can purchase the Sketchbook from Lulu for $19.99.




If you’d like to see some more sketches then check out this post:

76 Threadless T-Shirts From Sketch To Print

Threadless Kids Clearance Sale

Known an awesome kid? We’ll here’s your chance to pick them up some awesome threads! The good people over at Threadless is having a huge clearance sale on all of their gear made especially for kids, including onesies, hoodsies, hoodies and of course kid tees! The tees are normally priced at $20 but they have been marked down to $9. Score!

Threadless Kids Clearance Sale



We're on the same level by Dud Lawson

Friendly Beasts by Hillary White

Blowfish by Andy Gonsalves

peliCAN: Help Restore The Gulf

Veteran Threadless designers, Ross Zietz and Frederik Wepener, have teamed up to deliver peliCAN, a T-Shirt that Threadless just released to help with the relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

The shirt is unbelievably priced at just $10 with ALL proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network.

Let’s face it, BP has done and is still doing major damage to the Gulf with its ongoing oil leakage. Unlike other disasters, there’s not much that we can do to help the situation. It’s not like we can jump in, drop a bunch of paper towels into the Gulf with the hope that it will suck all the oil of there. Not going to happen. What we can do is help out with monetary donations so the experts can do their thing. The great part about picking up peliCAN from Threadless is that you’re helping the cause and getting an awesome shirt in the process.

Donate to the relief efforts with just $10 by picking up peliCAN from Threadless.

peliCAN by Frederik Wepener and Ross Zietz

peliCAN by Frederik Wepener and Ross Zietz

Weekly Recap and Linkology | June 11, 2010

Around This Blog:

This week on Co-Tee TV I featured Charlie Noble, a brand born out of a love for sailing and the great outdoors.

The Friendship Algorithm by ThinkGeek proved to be a popular tee for fans of the Big Bang Theory.

The Friendship Algorithm

One of the biggest news pieces this week involved Johnny Cupcakes imitator and master ripper, Benny Frying Pan. This Korean based brand has ripped off nearly aspect of the Johnny Cupcakes brand.

Bakes On The First Date

And of course, thanks to the following for linking to my blog! I love you guys!

And the 108 LOST T-Shirt List lives! Thanks to Scooter and Hum. Via Scooter and Hum.

Charley Parker of the awesome illustration blog, Lines and Colors, mentioned my Threadless From Sketch To Print post! Super awesome, thanks Charley! Via Lines and Colors.

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

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Mr. Fresh over at Addicteed discovered this gem of a tee. It’s called Vinyl Is Forever and was designed by Soundscreen Design. Via Addicteed.

Vinyl Is Forever

Thee Monster Cookie Moon by 80sTees. Need I say more? Via Fashionably Geek.

Three Monster Cookie Moon

Jarren from Just Another Day In East Dayton has decided to start a project called 30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes. He’ll be wearing a different Johnny Cupcakes tee for the next 30 days and will add a little commentary for each shirt worn. Via Johnny Cupcakes.

Here’s his collection. Impressive, huh!

30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes

Other Coty Links:

This image really scared the heck out of me. Via TumblrTrends.


This might just be the world’s very first iPad magician! Via SwipeTap.

Phoneballs: The iPhone Case With Balls. Via SwipeTap.

iPhone Balls

Threadless News:

This weeks Threadless Pick of The Week goes to End by Matheus Lopes.


End by matheus lopes

And of course, everyone knows about the $10 Threadless Summer Sale! Wait, you didn’t know about the $10 Threadless Summer Sale? Well son, you have until June 14 (5PM CT) to score $10 tees and $30 hoodies.

Threadless Summer Sale

76 Threadless T-Shirts From Sketch To Print

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Threadless design looked like before it graced the coveted fabric of a Threadless tee? Well, wonder no more because here are 76 Threadless classics from sketch to print.

76 Threadless T-Shirts From Sketch To Print

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. Battle of the Giants by Alex Solis

Battle of the Giants

Battle of the Giants

2. Space Chase by Alex Solis

Space Chase

Space Chase

3. Fast Food by Alex Solis

Fast Food

Fast Food

4. War Games by Ersin Ertuck

War Games

War Games

5. Burgervetica by David Schwen



6. Irate Primate by David Schwen

Irate Primate

Irate Primate

7. Springfield Still Life by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini

Springfield Still Life

Springfield Still Life

8. Sees The Day by Evan Ferstenfeld and Enkel Dika

Sees The Day

Sees The Day

Did you know that you can just click any of the images you see in this post and it will take you straight to the product page? What’s even better is that you score an extra $5 off your entire order by using the coupon code “yaykids5″ at checkout!

Threadless Yaykids5

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4 New Threadless X Griffin iPod Touch Cases

Threadless and Griffin have just released 4 new iPod Touch Cases, featuring 4 classic Threadless designs. The Gaming Revolution by Sean Mort is one of my favorite Threadless designs – ever. Space Needs Color by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini looks absolutely stunning as an iPhone case design. Put The Needle On The Record was never a Threadless favorite of mine (maybe because of the raised ink used on the tee), but as an iPhone Case design, it just works.

Unlike previous Threadless X Griffin cases, the new batch is made specifically for the iPod Touch. If I had to guess as to why this is case, I would say that it has something to do with the rumors of a new iPhone being released sometime in early June.

The cases are available now from Griffin Technology for $34.99 a piece. Each of the T-Shirts are also available from Threadless for $18 (Space Needle is priced at $20).

The Gaming Revolution

The Gaming Revolution

Put The nEedle On The Record

Put The Needle On The Record

I Came To Dance

I Came To Dance

Space Needs Color

Space Needs Color

Threadless X Giltman Limited Edition Tees

The Threadless Limited Edition Tee sale at Giltman has officially begun. We finally get to the see the full lineup (15 designs) and details of the Giltman Limited Editions. The designs chosen are indeed Threadless classics, including, Pandamonium, The Communist Party and Lions Are Smarter. Some of the desgins are also slightly modified from their original counterparts, including MP3, which includes just one of the three MP officers.

The Threadless X Giltman tees are printed on 50% Polyester, 25% Combed Cotton, 25% Rayon shirts. The colors are used are definitely uncharacteristic of Threadless. They are more of an earthy tone, so you’ll notice a lot of greys, blacks, and deep blues and reds.

The shocking part has got to be the price. The shirts are available today for $29 until May 5 at 6PM HST. The Limited Edition tees have a retail price of … gasp … $60. I am not sure if these will be available once the sale ends, but, I’d prefer not to pay $60 for one of these T-Shirts.

If you want to pick up one of these Giltman X Threadless Limited Edition T-Shirts, then you have to register first at Giltman and I’ve got invitations that you can use (Giltman is by invite only). Also, when you register with the invite, you get an $10 gift voucher (bringing the price of the shirt down to $19) that you can use on your Threadless tee or anything else at Giltman.


The Communist Part


Homesick Cosmonaut

Rock Out

Limited Edition Threadless Tees at Gilt Man

Threadless has teamed up with the exclusive online retailer, Gilt Man, to deliver limited edition Threadless tees that will only be available to Gilt Groupe members. If you’re unfamiliar with Gilt Groupe, basically, they offer high fashion clothing from luxury brands at discounts of up to 70% off. The only caveat is that the site is by invite only. Luckily for you, I’ve got invites that you can use. You’ll need to register before you can purchase your limited edition Threadless tees from Gilt Man. And by the way, when you register you’ll score an automatic $10 discount that you can use at checkout!

Based on the previews, it looks like the classic Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski and Clouds Within The Thunder by Joe Van Wetering, will be available for sale. Not sure what other designs they will have for sale on Gilt Man, but I am excited to find out! The tees used look like the form fitting Tri-Blends offered by American Apparel. As far as I know, these prints will only be available on May 4 and will only be available on Gilt Man. The shirts go on sale on May 4 at noon EST. No word yet on pricing.

Use this special invite to gain access to Gilt Man so that you can purchase your limited edition Threadless tees on May 4!

Gilt Man

Gilt Man