You’ve Been Shot: Augmented Reality T-Shirts

This is pretty neat and grim and sad at the same time. I’ll start with neat. So it’s neat because the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) took part in a unique campaign to bring attention to the illegal slaughtering of Siberian Tigers by poachers in Moscow. To do this, they distributed white T-Shirts featuring a line drawing of a tiger. It’s neat because they were able to couple the T-Shirt with augmented reality technology so that whenever an individual stepped in front of a special screen at one of the boutiques offering these T-Shirts the augmented reality would kick in and they’d see themselves getting shot. They could also visit a special website that would detect the T-Shirt and provide the same effect.

Getting shot is grim. Even if it’s virtual.

And it’s quite sad that we have to resort to to such things just to grab peoples attention, especially when it comes to tiger killing. Tigers are awesome! What’s even worse is that I doubt this will have any effect on the poachers themselves?

I propose vigilante violence. The WWF should go all Batman on those Siberian Tiger poaching fools. Kind of like how they do on Whale Wars. Do it.