Ultimate Summer T-Shirt from ShirtFight

God, I envy that camel. Nice black shades for eye protection (very important) and a cold orange creamsicle on a hot day. What cold be better! I think this camel just inspired me to go to the beach over the weekend (the perks of living in Hawaii). 

Congratulations to tobiasfonseca for submitting the Ultimate Summer T-Shirt and winning last weeks ShirtFight. If you dig this 2 color super duper soft Plastisol Ink on creme American Apparel Tee ten pick one up not for the sale price of $13. 



Coty Loves Threadless #4

Lot’s of double winks from me this week! Aled Lewis’ The Meaning of Life was my Threadless Pick of the Week because I absolutely love this design and will be picking this one up! Which was your favorite Threadless release this week?

Here’s a direct link for my RSS readers – Coty Loves Threadless #4 on Seesmic.

The Meaning of Life by Aled Lewis is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

The Meaning of Life by Aled Lewis

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