Product Placement by Josh Eacret

So I just got through watching the newest episode of The Totally Rad Show (I’m a huge fan) and I couldn’t help but notice the shirt that Dan Trachtenberg had on. A little Google voodoo-ery and I was able to track down the shirt that sparked my interest. It’s called Product Placement and it was designed by Josh Eacret for Dutch Southern. This turned out to be a pretty cool find since Dutch Southern produces excellent T-Shirts that parodies some of my favorite movies.

When I first saw the shirt, I thought it was a rip off of the popular Spoilt shirt from Threadless and designed by Olly Moss. But on closer inspection, I couldn’t figure out any of the movies. It turns out, the individual illustrations are fictional logos/brands from movies, and hence the name, Product Placement. Brilliant! I don’t want to spoil the shirt for those of you that want to try and figure out what logos came from what movies so I won’t mention any of the movies featured on the shirt. Instead, if you’d like to know the entire run down of the products and the movie that they are taken from then definitely check out the product page at Dutch Southern. And while you’re there, you can pick up Product Placement for $19.

Watch Episode 131 of The Totally Rad Show (the one with this shirt) below!

Product Placement

HURM by iFanboy

It was a huge weekend for The Watchmen and so I thought that I’d do the requisite Watchmen T-Shirt post. But so many cool Watchmen tees have already been covered that I didn’t want to just repost the same old tee. And so I got pretty excited while watching The Totally Rad Show over the weekend and noticed that one of the hosts, Jeff Cannata, was wearing a Watchmen themed tee that I hadn’t seen before. 

The tee is called HURM and is available now in limited quantities from the iFanboy online store. Only 250 of these bad boys were printed so if you want one you better go grab one now. It’s available for $15. For those of  you unfamiliar with the show, iFanboy is a video podcast that’s all about comic books. It’s a Revision3 show so you know that production value is very high, if you’re a comic fan, I highly recommend it. Check out the latest iFanboy episode below, and surprisingly it’s all about The Watchmen!

Back to the tee, HURM. If you read the Watchmen graphic novel then you know that the phrase is one said by one of my favorite Watchmen characters, Rorschach. If you haven’t read the graphic novel then I definitely suggest that you check it out, especially if you enjoyed the film or want more after having watched the film. How many of you have seen The Watchmen? What did you think of the film?