Unique LA Spotlight: TIMBER!

During the next few days I’ll be featuring the awesome clothing brands that will be setting up booths at Unique LA, an independent design and gift show that will take place on April 24th thru the 25th at the California Market Center.

To kick things off I’d like to feature a brand that was started in 2006 by California designer Chad Eaton called TIMBER! Every shirt featured at TIMBER! is designed and screen printed by Eaton (I love the dedication). This brand has one of the more unique design niches since TIMBER! is all about lumberjack culture.

“TIMBER! is a t-shirt company based on a story about lumberjacks, their bosses (the top hat guys with an excessive hair curse.) and a bigfoot stuck between both their worlds.”

Eaton is currently at work on a fully illustrated book based on the TIMBER! universe so be on the look out for that. TIMBER! tees are priced from $18 to $32 and you can purchase them over at their ETSY shop.

You can find TIMBER! at Unique LA in Booth 270.




Morning Commute


Laser Pointer

Now here’s a pretty cool shirt from our the guys at Busted Tees. It’s called Laser Pointer and it kind of reminds me of something that I’d see from the like of Glennz Tees. It’s a simple illustration with lots of wit. The shirt features a hound that has Superman-like laser eyes, because really, that’s what every dog needs – Superman-like laser eyes! I bet he can hunt pretty good with those eyes, don’t you?

If you like Laser Pointer, you can pick it  up from Busted Tees for $16.99.

Laser Pointer

Anonymous by Origin68

Ever dream of being a page from the phone book? Well, now you can with this shirt from Origin68. Like the product page says, “it’s some great telephone book camoflage.” and I agree! And by the way, who actually uses phonebooks nowadays? Could this shirt be a tribute to another dying relic? Phonebooks are a waste of trees, anyhow. Go electronic and save leaves! Anonymous is printed on a lemon colored Continental shirt and is available for purchase from Origin68 for £15.00. 



The Woods Are Alive

Here’s a tee designed by mimimimimimimimi and available at LaFraise and I absolutely adore it (and am somewhat intrigued by the name of the artist who designed the shirt). If you’re not familiar with LaFraise, it’s a European contest site that chooses 3 to 4 designs each work from user submissions. The Woods Are Alive is available now from LaFraise for 19,00 € (~$25.00). 

The Woods Are Alive by mimimimimimimimi

The Woods Are Alive by mimimimimimimimi