Springfield Still Life

Wow, other than the occasional Threadless sale reminder post, I haven’t really posted about a Threadless tee in a while. What ever happened to Coty Loves Threadless? Hmmm….

In an case, I couldn’t resist posting this tee by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini. It’s called Springfield Still Life and is an obvious nod to The Simpsons. I remember when this show first came out, I was about 8 years old and in the third grade. It was 1989 and doodling Simpsons characters were all the rage. I can’t believe The Simpsons have endured on TV this long. Then again, why not? It was and still is an amazing show.

Pick up Springfield Still Life from Threadless for the cheap price of $10. Better do so quickly because who knows how long this current Threadless sale will last or how long this tee will be available before it’s sold out.

Springfield Still Life by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini

Springfield Still Life by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini

Oh, really Michael!

Ever wished you could be K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? Well now you can with this shirt from Etsy designer, rubyred. Rubyred, an artist we’ve featured on the blog before, had this to say about the design:  “I’ve been playing around with a new halftone technique and created this as a test, it looks a little like that strange talking car from the 80s!” I have to say that paired with a blazer, this shirt looks slick!

Pick up “Oh, really Michael” from the rubyred Etsy store for $26.13.

Oh, really Michael!

Oh, really Michael!

Goliath National Bank: Member FDIC

So I picked up How I Met Your Mother: Season Four over the weekend and was able to watch two episodes yesterday and am so stoked because I almost forgot how incredibly “legen … wait for it … dary” this comedy series is. If you have not seen an episode of How I Met Your Mother then do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD or Netflix it, its hilarious.

I got through two episodes yesterday while I was nursing a cold and in the episode “The Best Burger in New York”, Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) pimps out Goliath National Bank (a fictional bank that his company purchased) while a jobless Marshall (played by Jason Segel) searches for the mystical best burger in New York. I thought I’d look up some How I met Your Mother tees and lo and behold, I find this tee from 80’s Tees, a Goliath National Bank shirt. Barney Stinson would be proud.

Are any of  you How I Met Your Mother fans? Let me know!

Goliath National Bank

How I Met Your Mother

Do The Carlton!

This highlarious shirt comes to us courtesy of The Printed Mind and was designed by illustrator and artist, Gaunty. I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air and so when I spotted this tee over at Emptees images of Carlton doing his patented dances started to flow through my mind. Carlton was infectious and his moves, well, they were corny yet classic.

You can pick up Do The Carlton from The Printed Mind for $19.99. Relieve the 90’s with some Carlton swingin’ goodness!

Do The Carlton

Do The Carlton

I Tootered Doogie Howser

I am absolutely loving the resurgence of NPH aka Neil Patrick Harris. Doogie Howser is another one of those shows that I grew up watching and so I was instantly drawn to this tee when I saw it over at Rock Your Tees.

I’m thinking that it’s the perfect gift or present for any aspiring physician or medical student. The perfect shirt to wear under that clean white coat. You can find I Tootered Doogie Howser at Rock Your Tees for $15.99. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s screen printed on an American Apparel blank. 

I Tootered Doogie Howser

I Tootered Doogie Howser

New Tees From Kosher Ham

Kosher Ham has been on a roll the last few weeks releasing oodles of news tees, all kosher of course (we wouldn’t want them any other way). Check out four of my favorites from the recent releases. All shirts, except for Am I Missing A Tooth ($15.99) is $19.99 they’re all printed on American Apparel blanks. And remember, Kosher Ham always has the buy 3 get a 4th tee promotion – so pick up any 3 Kosher Ham tees and receive a free Kosher Ham logo tee! 

Am I Missing A Tooth is my favorite from the bunch! It’s from the newest comedic classic, The Hangover. If you haven’t seen that flick, do yourself a favor and check it out! You’ll laugh. You’ll laugh hard. And then you’ll hurt from all the laughter. 

Am I Missing A Tooth by Kosher Ham

Vince Shlomi has got nothing on Billy Mays. Billy Mays is a TV infomercial GOD. Pick up this shirt from Kosher Ham and profess your love for all things Billy Mays. 

Informercial God Billy Mays by Kosher Ham

Oh you know you used to watch Saved By The Bell. Don’t try to hide it! I admit I used to watch Saved By The Bell religiously! I was a preteen, afterall, at the peak of the shows popularity. And I think I’m a better man for it! Zack Morris for president. 

Zach Morris Is A Man Whore

Let’s just say that Michelle Obama didn’t really have any big shoes to fill. Our first lady has style, class and spunk. Be envious! 

Michelle Obama

And I just had to include this clip of “Zack Morris” on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s really him. I’m waiting anxiously for the Saved By The Bell reunion on Fallon! Does Mark-Paul Gosselaar not age?

Goodie Two Sleeves Princess Unicorn Tee A Hit

This is a pretty cool story – our buddies over at Goodies Two Sleeves recently were reached by NBC to produce some shirts based on a fictional character discussed on NBC sitcom The Office. The character in question is Princess Unicorn (Half Girl, Half Unicorn) and Goodie Two Sleeves was given exclusive access to source material prior to the show airing to help in the creation of Princess Unicorn tees. 

Last night’s episode of NBC’s The Office had Dwight pawning these crazy looking dolls and we were excited, because a while back NBC asked us to make a shirt for this episode and gave us access to all sorts of goodies ahead of everyone else. The result? Both of these awesome shirts will be available in an NBC store (or their site) soon. I’m thinking a couple weeks? Just thought I’d fill you in on the deets while the episode was still freshly hilarious in our heads.

Needless to say, the Princess Unicorn tee is now the number one sold item on the NBC online store, its’s an even bigger seller than President Elect Barack Obama’s Yes We Can DVD. Check out this clip from The Office:


Princess Unicorn

Princess Unicorn