Holden Caulfield is a Phony

Absolutely adore this shirt. It helps that The Catcher In The Rye is one of my all time favorite books. “Catcher In The Rye, as we all know, is one of the best books in the world! Printed on this awesome tee is Holden’s catch-all term, “phony,” though we all know he’s the real phony all along. oooh the sweet sweet irony!”

Holden Caulfield is available now from Print Liberation for $24.

Learn To Kern

We all (hopefully) have access to desktop publishing software. Hopefully, all of us that do know about proper kerning. If not, you must learn to kern to provide problems like the one highlighted by this Able Parris T-Shirt. Too bad the T-Shirt is sold out. Kudo’s to former Threadless CCO, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, for posting this shirt on Instagram.

PS: If you’re want to learn more about typography, might I suggest The Fundamentals of Typography, Type Rules!: The Designer’s Guide to Professional Typography, Getting it Right with Type: The Dos and Don’ts of Typography,or  Typography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic Design.

TypographyShop + FAB.com Invite Link

Fab.com is an awesome site that features amazing (and limited) daily design inspirations and sales of up to 70% off retail. The site offers a free membership but is by invite only – and I’ve got an invite for you. Sign up with Fab.com today and start snatching up some sexy stuff!

One brand that I spotted while checking out Fab.com was TypographyShop. This particular brand focuses on creating designs that are inspired by the art of typography. That I Love Typography is probably my favorite from the bunch. The various designs are available now at Fab.com for $17.50 (they are regularly priced at up to $23.)

And here’s an image of some of the other deals that they’ve got going today. Remember, they get new stuff everyday so be sure to sign up and see what new daily!

Here’s your invite to Fab.com, remember, the site is by invite only!

UQ Tee: Do You Want To See The Back of Me?

Bad tempered. Moody. Don’t Admit To Anything. One could argue that I can be all three of those things (sometimes at the same time). Then again, most of the time I’m a pretty fun and easy going guy. And that is basically what UQ Tee is all about, mixing our virtues and vices, our good and bad characteristics. Each tee design features human contradictions printed on the back of the shirt.

The idea of UQ Tee was derived from Hugo Quinta of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a spin-off from a web project of his called Life Paper.

“This idea is a spin-off of another project of mine, called life paper (available only in Portugal), that consists of surprising someone on one day, by taking him/her to visit places related with his/her life past and present to meet important friends and family in each one of them. Last year I did a postcard campaign to promote this project, focused on bad characteristics from each one of my surprised customers. Some people told me that it would be fun to make a brand of t-shirts based on the same concept, which I did. So here I am.” -Hugo Quinta

The shirts are available in in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If you love wordplay, then I think that you will dig these T-Shirts. My favorite from the bunch is I’m Moody, which also features the words but sweet scribbled on the other end of an arrow. Love it! My only gripe with these T-Shirts is that they all seem to feature the same front design, featuring the UQ Tee logo and the words Do You Want To See The Back of Me? I think it would be cool if it was just the back main design placed on the front of the T-Shirt.

If you dig these UQ Tees then you can pick them up over at their online shop for €22.00 each.

T-Shirt Gift Guide for the Typography Fiend

Hey T-Shirt fanatics, welcome to my 2010 Holiday Gift Guide series! I feature some of my favorite T-shirt related items and even some things beyond T-shirts that I simply just love and would like to recommend to all of you. If there’s something that you think would fit in this list then please feel free to link to it in the comments! Enjoy and please feel free to share on Twitter using the Hashtag #GiftGuide.

One of my favorite genre of T-Shirt is Typography tees. This genre of tees are often very simplistic and quite minimal, two design qualities that I really dig. Having said that, if you know someone that appreciates good type then one of these featured tees will probably be enough to wet their palate.

1. If I’m recommending type themed tees than I MUST recommend that you checkout out Ugmonk. This is definitely one of my favorite indie brands and am the satisfied owner of a handful of Ugmonk tees. And Then I Woke Up is a classic, but if you’re looking for something new then I’d recommend Better Than I Deserve or It’s About Time. Ugmonk, Price: $24.00 (Use code GIVEBACK at checkout for an extra 15% off your entire order).

2. Geez Louise, this is the newest tee on the Gift Guide. It’s an obvious play on the classic Snellen Eye Chart, but its infused with a lot of subtle Star Wars goodness. Perfect for the font enthusiast with a soft spot for Star Wars. This is Not The Eye Chart You’re Looking For by Threadless, $9.00.

3. You’ve got a New Yorker on your list, who, incidentally is a font snob? Well I’ve got the perfect shirt for you. Destination NYC by Random Objects, Price: $23.00.

4. The phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” is probably ingrained into the minds of every typface designer on planet Earth. The Quick Brown Fox by DADADA Studio, 19 Euro.

5. The black Hello T-Shirt from Budy Carr Skateboards was one of my Favorite T-Shirts of 2009. In 2010, I bought the same T-Shirt in white. I love it so much. The tee runs a bit small so I’d recommend buying one size up. Hello by Buddy Carr Skateboards, Price: $22.00.

BONUS: I’d also recommend that you check out this list of 250 Beautiful Typography T-Shirts from our good friend Andy of Hide Your Arms.

You might also want to consider:

Helvetica is a film that I stumbled upon while perusing Netflix one night. It was such a great watch and quite the eye opener. You don’t realize how much Helvetica is integrated into our lives until you see this film. This is a guaranteed hit present for any Typography fiend. Helvetica [Blu-ray], $25.49.

As a bonus, you could also include the official Helvetica Film T-Shirt, which is available for $$20.00.

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary Collector’s Set

For two years now, Ugmonk has been the go-to-brand for those of us wanting T-Shirts featuring sexy and well thought out typography. I’ve been a fan of Jeff Sheldon since the beginning and have admired his unique style for some time now. To celebrate Ugmonk’s two year anniversary, Sheldon put together an amazing and limited edition box set to commemorate the special occasion. Only 200 of these box sets were made and they feature:

  • 2nd Anniversary tshirt
  • Ugmonk wooden box with wood-burned logo
  • Ugmonk laser-etched and numbered wooden coin
  • Ugmonk sticker
  • Signed 2nd Anniversary collector’s card

I am very much itching to get my hands on one of these boxes, especially since I love dissecting and examining custom T-Shirt packaging. This is as custom as custom gets, and I am indeed lusting over it.

The Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary Collector’s Set is available now for purchase for $50, but you can save 20% off of your entire order by using the coupon code “TWOYEARS” at checkout. If you plan on taking advantage of the 20% off discount code then you better do so quickly because it expires on August 31, 2010!

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Ugmonk 2nd Anniversary

Based On A True Story

I would that my life was Based On True Story – a running true story at the very least. And if it were,  then that would mean this shirt would be a true and positive statement, if I were the one to wear it. But what if my life was a fake? What if my life was a lie? I would hope that it was not, but for these people it was. Below is a list of some of the greatest con men in history. To them, this shirt would be one big fat lie.

1. Victor Lustig, the man who sold the Eiffel Tower:

“In 1925, Lustig’s master con began when he was reading a newspaper: an article discussed the problems the city was having maintaining the Eiffel Tower. So he adopted the persona of a government official, and sent six scrap metal dealers an invitation to discuss a possible business deal. Lustig told the group that the upkeep on the Eiffel Tower was so outrageous that the city could not maintain it any longer, and wanted to sell it for scrap. So he sold the Eiffel Tower to one of the scrap metal dealers and took a train to Vienna with the suitcase full of cash. The buyer was too humiliated to complain to the police.”

2. Frank Abagnale, catch me if you can:

“For a period of two years, Abagnale masqueraded as Pan Am pilot “Frank Williams”, to get free rides around the world by dead heading on scheduled airline flights. Later, he impersonated a pediatrician for 11 months in a Georgia hospital under the name “Frank Williams”. He also forged a Harvard University Law diploma, passed the bar exam of Louisiana and got a job at the office of the State Attorney General of Louisiana.”

3. Milli Vanilli, the pop duo who couldn’t sing:

“So the truth was revealed: the Milli Vanilli sound was actually created by Frank Farian featuring the vocal talents of other singers, and Morvan and Pilatus did not sing at all on the records.”

4. Cassie Chadwick, the illegitimate daughter of Andrew Carnegie:

“In 1897, Cassie began her largest, most successful con game: that of establishing herself as Andrew Carnegie’s daughter. She faked a promissory note of $2 million with Carnegie’s signature. The information leaked to the financial markets in northern Ohio, and banks begun to offer their services. For the next eight years she used this fake background to obtain loans that eventually totaled between $10 and 20 million.”

5. David Hampton, less than Six Degrees of Separation from Sidney Poitier:

“Hampton began employing the persona of “David Poitier” to cadge free meals in restaurants. He then persuaded at least a dozen people into letting him stay with them in their homes or to give him money, including Melanie Griffith, Gary Sinise, and Calvin Klein. He told some of them that he was a friend of their children, some that he had just missed his plane to Los Angeles and that all his luggage was on it, some that his belongings had been stolen.”

To read more about the above men, check out the original story from which the above quotes were taken at Top 10 Greatest Impostors In History.

Based on a True Story is available now from la Fraise for €23 (~$30 US).

Based On A True Story

Based On A True Story

Venkman Stantz Spengler Paranormal Studies

I was checking out the latest offering from UK based Last Exit To Nowhere and stumbled upon an excellent Ghostbusters themed T-Shirt. Last Exit To Nowhere did not go the traditional “cartoony” route, like this Threadless T-Shirt, instead, they went sophisticated. Venkman Stantz Spengler Paranormal Studies features not only great typography but also has green glow in the dark ink, something that the die hard fans of Ghostbusters can appreciate.

Inspired by the Columbia University Paranormal Studies team in the first part of the film Ghost Busters. (The reason Ernie Hudson’s character Winston Zeddemore isn’t featured in this particular design is because he joined the team after they had left University when Ghost Busters was already established).

Venkman Stantz Spengler Paranormal Studies is available now from Last Exit To Nowhere for £18 ($28).

Ghostbusters Paranormal Studies

Ghostbusters Paranormal Studies

Ghostbusters Paranormal Studies

Easier Said Than Done + Ugmonk Giveaway!

I’ve featured Ugmonk’s Easier Said Than Done in it’s original colorway before, but I thought I’d share with you its newest incarnation. The purple and white colorway pops so much more than the original black and white version. I dig it!

Talk is cheap. Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to solve the world’s problems. Don’t just say it. Do it.

Easier Said Than Done is available now from Ugmonk for $24.

And since we are talking about Ugmonk, I should note that they are having a giveaway on the official Ugmonk Facebook page. All you need to do is comment and let Ugmonk know what type of product you would like them to make next. It’s super easy and you have until July 26, 2010 to enter. Three lucky winners will be chosen so be sure to get in on that!

Easier Said Than Done