25% Off Spring Sale at Itself.

Spring cleaning sales seem to be in fashion these days – and I’m all for it! This time it’s contest site Itself whose celebrating spring with a 25% off sale. All you need to do is use the coupon code TLSFSPRING25 at checkout to receive 25% discount on your order! Tees range in price from $15 to $21 and are printed on custom Itself blanks with water-based inks and discharge technique. The sale ends on April 2nd.


As I was looking around Itself I noticed some familiar names, including Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk fame and popular design Craig “Wotto” Watkins. Here are a few of my recommended picks!

Making Up for Lost Time

Never Take Candy From a Strange Thing

Fear Itself

One Hundred – New Ugmonk Tee

Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk just released his newest design, One Hundred, and as expected it goes well with the rest of his font focused line. It’s a three color design that shows off the numbers 26 and 74 overlapping. And if you’re wondering why the name One Hundred – just do some arithmetic and add up the numbers! I’d love to find out why he chose the numbers 74 and 26 – if you know why post in the comments. 

One Hundred

In other news, Sheldon is bringing back his classic And Then I Woke design in a different colorway from the original design. He’s letting the people decide which colorway gets printed so be sure to vote for your favorite on his blog. 

And Then I Woke Up