Cargo Flight for UNICEF – World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt

If you’ve got the cash lying around to pick up this T-Shirt then good on you. It’s for a good cause with 100% of the purchase price going to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support lifesaving relief efforts for children in the Horn of Africa. Oh, and by the way, it costs $300,000.

Yes, $300,000. For a T-Shirt. Well, not just for a T-Shirt. $300,000 is the cost of a charter flight to transport vital aid from the UNICEF supply warehouse in Copenhagen to Nairobi, Kenya. And ultimately, that’s where your money will be going. Great cause. Wish I was well enough to have the cash to drop on this.

Cargo Flight for UNICEFby Justin & Christine Gignac is available now Threadless for $300,000.