TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 5

Every day I come up with a new witty Threadless TypeTees Slogan in hopes of earning a Threadless Alumni Club Medal of Honor. At the end of every week I post a round up of that weeks slogans here on my blog. What can you do to help the cause? Vote! Just click on a slogan (preferably all of them) and then vote by click “I’d Wear It!” – it’s that simple! If you want to see and vote for all of my slogans then just click here or on that photo of me with the Rockband guitar. Vote for me and I will bake you your own burrito if ever we meet in real life.

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment

Week 5 (January 29, 2010 to February 4, 2010):

The only chemistry I know is synthesized by Cupid’s arrow.

I was listening to someone talk about biochemistry and this slogan popped up in my head! Would make a good Valentines Day TypeTee, Threadless staff **Wink, Wink**!

CAPS LOCK: for moments when an exclamation point is not enough!

Especially for those who like to write things like FTW! or WIN! – you know these people and you might even be one. Slogans FTW!

65 is the original 140.

OK, you need to be both a web geek and a Threadless geek to get this one. Before Twitter made 140 characters an iconic cultural limitation, OMG Clothing (later to become TypeTees) made 65 characters the max you had to get your thought across. In my opinion, 65 is so much harder to do than 140.

Geeks don’t skip. They tab.

Skipping? Pfffftttt. Real geeks tab.

Moderation is key. Now can I have more advice?

People inherently want more, and more, and more. But the key, no matter what, is always moderation. Want more advice? Knew you would.

Being green is as easy as finding a yellow and blue marker.

Step 1. Find yellow and green marker. Step 2. Color yourself with said markers until your entirely green. And there you go – BAM – GREEN! Now go worry about your carbon footprint.

Optical zoom should be a default feature of the human eye.

Really, it should! If cameras can do it then why not the eyeball! Imagine if you could zoom in and out using your MIND. That would be insane. I want that!

Get The Valentines Day Hook-Up at IMU The Inside Out

If you guys haven’t had the chance to check out IMU The Inside Out then I highly recommend that you jump on over and see what they have to offer. IMU is the brainchild of former University of Michigan basketball team captain, David Merritt. Prior to making the team, David had his share of challenges.

“It wasn’t so easy. Despite my hard work, I didn’t make the cut – two years in a row. But the more work I put in, the harder it was to surrender. So I gave it another shot. And on my third try, I made the team. Two years later I was named co-captain. That same year we went to the NCAA tournament for the first time in eleven years.”

IMU was born from a text message that David received on the road while playing a game at the famed Madison Square Garden in New York City. The text read IMU, which he interpreted as meaning “I Miss You.” Since then, David was inspired to bring those three little words to life and he has done that through his clothing line IMU The Inside Out.

The IMU line reflects David’s drive to succeed. Their tees are bright, fun and youthful but with edge.

Tees from the first season of the IMU line were priced between $30 and $38 but from now until February 15 you can grab these shirts at just $15. IMU also released some new plaid inspired tees just in time for Valentine’s Day and these are priced at $25.

Lumberjack IMU The Inside Out

I Miss You IMU The Inside Out

IMU The Inside Out