The Gaming Loop

Fangamer got it right with this gaming shirt! The Gaming Loop is a nice homage to the classic video game console gamepad/controller1. And how cool is it that Fangamer references Chrono Trigger in their product description! Of course, we all remember that, when in the facotry ruins, we must head north in the long passage, grab the Plasma Gun and then use the computer that requires the ZABIE password. ZABIE as in XABY on the controller!

“Whether entering the security code ZABIE or simply trying to open the menu (usually it’s X, but sometimes it’s Y), every gamer has the familiar contours of the gaming loop stuck in their head — now you can keep them close to your heart as well!

This tribute to multicultural gaming history was designed by controller fanatic Jon Kay and printed on 100% cotton American Apparel 2001 shirts. The ‘Homeland’ version is printed on New Silver, while the ‘Overseas’ version is Black. The 4X shirts are printed on Anvil 420 organic cotton black/white tees, and the 5X/6X shirts are printed on Hanes 5250 black/asphalt tees.”

The Gaming Loop is available now from the Fangamer for $22.

1. I’m a bit saddened by the fact that classic gaming controller as we know it is somewhat on the endangered list. I mean, Apple has pretty much changed the game with its touch based mobile devices. As we’ve seen with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, gaming is a large facet of these devices. And soon, we might see a greater Apple presence in the living room – The mythical Apple TV (a real TV and not the little streaming box we have today). Will this kick the classic gaming console as we know it to the curb? Possibly.