Keep On, Muvin On with Muve Clothing

Muve is an alliance of two artists, Mike an illustrator from Washington DC and Ryan a photographer rooted from NYC. While studying at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles they decided to start a clothing company. Over the years their ideas and designs evolved and Muve was created.

This east coast brand definitely has a unique style. The designs really are a reflection of their home cities. Guerilla has a streetart vibe, reminiscent of New York City, while DC Metro pays homage to the Capital Beltway, connecting DC, Maryland and Virginia. I love the prominent use of lines in the designs and the randomness Guerilla.

“Our company is dedicated to voicing creative freedom with respect to the sub-cultures of past, present and future. Muve signifies a pivotal motion of change in the direction world culture has gone and takes a step to document where we are going through the collaboration of imagery, wordplay and humor.”

Muve Clothing is worth taking a look at. The T-Shirts are priced at $28 a piece and are available now from the Muve Clothing online shop.

Monsieur Eureka Is Back

It’s always difficult to write about Monsieur Eureka because their site, Facebook and 50% of their Twitter page is in French! Regardless, they just just released an amazing collection of fun, colorful and vibrant T-Shirts featuring illustrations that make for some very good eye candy. If you enjoyed the past offering from this Montreal based indie brand, then you’ll enjoy the latest releases, because like before, the prints are very large and the designs are just as wacky.

I definitely love the Monsieur Eureka theme of crazy inventions and kooky potions. My favorite new shirt from the Monsieur Eureka collection has got to Chasse-Larmes (it’s the blue tee below) and the product description is equally as good:

“Pissed to be sad all the time? Just spray one shot in each eye and you’re ready to live a happy life again! Just don’t ask what’s inside this concoction..and you’ll be ok!”

The new Monsieur Eureka tees are available now and are priced at $25 a piece. Go grab some!





Take Care (Or Not)

Ever take a close look at the hang tag of a recently purchased T-Shirt? Chances are you’ll find some washing instructions and a bunch of icons associated with how you should properly care for your brand new tee. For me, the process is simple. Wear, wash, repeat. Those would be the three icons that I would put on the hang tag of my T-Shirt.

Simplified Clothing is far from just another T-Shirt brand. In fact, they are so different that their tees feature the handling, wash and care icons on the front of the T-Shirt instead of just on the hang tag. OK, this might not be the case for every tee from Simplified Clothing. In fact, it’s only the case for one of their tees, aptly named Take Care. But I have to say that it’s a pretty damn awesome T-Shirt. It’s actually my favorite from the Simplified Clothing line, with the Obama smoking a fag* tee coming in at a close second. And since we’re on the topic of taking care of things, President Obama, you’re not doing yourself or your lungs any favors with your nicotine addiction. Get over it!

Take Care and Obama are both available now from Simplified Clothing for $21.99 each, but you can save 15% off your entire purchase by using the coupon code “Cotyshirts” at checkout!

*No, i’m not trying to be derogatory in any way. A good friend of mine from England taught me that it is rather common for an Englishman to call a cigarette a fag. It made me chuckle just a little bit.

Take Care

Take Care