Slow Loris: Shirts Made Slow

I really wish I had spotted these Slow Loris T-Shirts at sooner rather than later. As it stands, you guys only have a little less than 7 hours to grab these neat Slow Loris T-Shirts. I was too slow and therefore missed out and that AWESOME Johnny 5 Robot T-Shirt. Who didn’t love Short Circuit growing up in the 1980’s? Slow Loris started in an old cannery building in Oakland, but now creates super-hip and handcrafted T-shirts on Guemes Island, Washington. Its designers never design or print digitally and that means that everything is screenprinted by hand with love.

The Slow Loris tees are priced at $16 a piece, that’s 38% off the retail price of $26.00. Remember, is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU. *Shipping to Hawaii requires an additional $25 per order. Come on Fab, can we get this fixed. It doesn’t cost $25 to ship to Hawaii. I know because I live here!

Of course, if you missed out on the sale then you can always head on over to the Slow Loris online shop to buy some tees.

Bondi Buddha: A Fun Beachwear Brand

To say that I am exposed to a lot of beachwear is an understatement. I live in Hawaii and therefore I am surrounded daily by beachwear. Board shorts and beach shirts are the norm not only at the beach but EVERYWHERE. Seriously, Hawaii is probably the only place you’d see a student sitting in lecture while wearing a bikini.

When it comes to beachwear, the only problem is that there really is a lack of indie brands. The usual suspects include established brands such as Quicksilver, O’neil, Billabong, and Hurley. And for that reason, it’s great to see Bondi Buddha taking a stab at the beachwear market. Bondi Buddha is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly complacent space over run by big corporate brands. Is beachwear the last frontier of indie T-Shirts? If so, then Bondi Buddha is leading the way.

Check out the Bondi Buddha online shop for the entire range of T-Shirts which range in price from $15 to $28.

Thirsty For Blood, Hungry For Tacos (The Remix)

There has been some magical things that have been happening over at Seibei over the last couple of weeks, namely super limited edition T-Shirt that are available at a presale price for only a week (sometimes, the shirts move into the Seibei catalog after the presale, other times they will be retired forever). This week, Seibei brings back a classic in two new colorways. Thirsty For Blood, Hungry For Tacos has always been one of my favorite Seibei tees, and it is often the one that garners the most eyeballs (followed mostly by a quick smirk and smile). You know when people are reading your T-Shirt, and whenever I wear this tee, I notice a lot of people reading my chest.

The most popular colorway will move permanently move into the main Seibei catalog, while the other colorway will be retired. So if you like them both, you better be sure to get them both! The presale price is set at $18.

Global Flood Relief: Rider Through The Storm

Our friends over at Threadless recently released another charity themed tee, this time focusing on the recent major flooding in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. The T-Shirt costs $12 but $9 goes directly to global flood relief. Rider Through The Storm is an awesome tee that was designed for a great cause, so be sure to go and pick one up.

The tragic flooding in Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka left us at a loss for words. Thankfully our Creative Director, Ross Zietz (arzie13), and designer Blair Sayer (Mr Rocks) realized that sometimes art can speak louder than words.

They contacted Brazilian designer Matheus Lopes Castro (mathiole) and Australian designer Simon Massey Di Vallazza (francobolli) and began collaborating on a flood relief shirt design.

The resulting design, Riders Through The Storm, is now available for purchase. $9 from the sale of each shirt will go toward flood relief.

On working across continents, Ross says he “was worried working on a collab with people in 3 very different time zones might have been a challenge but not with these guys. It was an easy organic process that came together nicely. Big props to each of the guys, and Matheus especially for his amazing linework and melding of everyone’s styles.

Simon Massey Di Vallazza lives in Brisbane, an area hit especially hard by the Australian flooding. After seeing the damage firsthand, he’s “so grateful to be involved in this great initiative with such talented designers that will not only help Australian flood victims but also those in Brazil and Sri Lanka’s devastated regions. A huge thank you to Threadless for making this happen.”

Rider Through The Storm is available at Threadless for $12, with $9 of each sale going towards global flood relief.

Threadless + Thermos = Threadmos

It seems that Threadless is experimenting more and more with mediums not related to T-Shirts. First we saw the release of the Threadless themed Griffin iPhone cases, and now the ubiquitous T-Shirt site has hooked up with another big name – Thermos. Now, you’ll be able to find some of your favorite Threadless designs plastered on Thermos branded bottles and lunch bags.

I originally saw these pop on the Threadless 365 Days of Awesome Flickr account, just days before Christmas. I found it a bit weird that they would release such a new product so close to Christmas. I would have definitely bought a couple of these had they been available before I had got all of my Christmas shopping done!

Both the bottles and the lunch bags are priced at $14.95 and are available for purchase exclusively at Target. Yep, that means you can head on down to your local Target store and (hopefully) find a nice stock of Threadless branded Thermos items.

Pirate Dragon

First off, HURRY, you only have 11 more hours (at the time of this post) to score Pirate Dragon at a staggering $12! OK, I had to get that out of the way before anything else – wouldn’t want you to spend 18 bucks when you can score this for a crazy insane price.

Our friend Bo from Tilteed sent this over to me a few days ago, but, I’ve been crazy busy so I didn’t have a chance to post this one. I know, there shouldn’t be any excuses when you’re trying to take over the world with your blog, LOL. It won’t happen again.

Pirate Dragon was designed by the veteran T-Shirt artist, Alex Solis (alexmdc). I’m a big fan of Alex, so, I was a little surprised that I was caught off guard with this design. I’m usually really, really really good at spotting alexmdc pieces. Whenever a new dsign of his pops up at Threadless, I know it’s his before even seeing his name. His style is distinct, and one that I am very envious of. I think it might have been the lack of color that threw me off. Needless to say, it’s a refreshing departure from his previous efforts. I like!

Pirate Dragon is available now from Tilteed for $12. By the way, I heard from a little birdie that Pirate Dragon will be part of the permanent catalog, so don’t feel to bad if you missed it at $12 – you can still score it at $18. Not too bad for a piec eof art on your chest.

And by the way, the guys and gals at Tilteed print everything themselves and like I said my previous post – that extra love and sweat makes for a T-Shirt that is superior to anything a robotic press could make.

Pirate Dragon

Pirate Dragon

Monsieur Eureka Is Back

It’s always difficult to write about Monsieur Eureka because their site, Facebook and 50% of their Twitter page is in French! Regardless, they just just released an amazing collection of fun, colorful and vibrant T-Shirts featuring illustrations that make for some very good eye candy. If you enjoyed the past offering from this Montreal based indie brand, then you’ll enjoy the latest releases, because like before, the prints are very large and the designs are just as wacky.

I definitely love the Monsieur Eureka theme of crazy inventions and kooky potions. My favorite new shirt from the Monsieur Eureka collection has got to Chasse-Larmes (it’s the blue tee below) and the product description is equally as good:

“Pissed to be sad all the time? Just spray one shot in each eye and you’re ready to live a happy life again! Just don’t ask what’s inside this concoction..and you’ll be ok!”

The new Monsieur Eureka tees are available now and are priced at $25 a piece. Go grab some!





Weekly Recap and Linkology | June 11, 2010

Around This Blog:

This week on Co-Tee TV I featured Charlie Noble, a brand born out of a love for sailing and the great outdoors.

The Friendship Algorithm by ThinkGeek proved to be a popular tee for fans of the Big Bang Theory.

The Friendship Algorithm

One of the biggest news pieces this week involved Johnny Cupcakes imitator and master ripper, Benny Frying Pan. This Korean based brand has ripped off nearly aspect of the Johnny Cupcakes brand.

Bakes On The First Date

And of course, thanks to the following for linking to my blog! I love you guys!

And the 108 LOST T-Shirt List lives! Thanks to Scooter and Hum. Via Scooter and Hum.

Charley Parker of the awesome illustration blog, Lines and Colors, mentioned my Threadless From Sketch To Print post! Super awesome, thanks Charley! Via Lines and Colors.

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

Have you voted for yet over at I’m currently ranked #4 so please help me out by giving a vote of 5 stars! Virtual hugs, kisses and high fives will be dispersed appropriately!

Vote for me on

Mr. Fresh over at Addicteed discovered this gem of a tee. It’s called Vinyl Is Forever and was designed by Soundscreen Design. Via Addicteed.

Vinyl Is Forever

Thee Monster Cookie Moon by 80sTees. Need I say more? Via Fashionably Geek.

Three Monster Cookie Moon

Jarren from Just Another Day In East Dayton has decided to start a project called 30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes. He’ll be wearing a different Johnny Cupcakes tee for the next 30 days and will add a little commentary for each shirt worn. Via Johnny Cupcakes.

Here’s his collection. Impressive, huh!

30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes

Other Coty Links:

This image really scared the heck out of me. Via TumblrTrends.


This might just be the world’s very first iPad magician! Via SwipeTap.

Phoneballs: The iPhone Case With Balls. Via SwipeTap.

iPhone Balls

Threadless News:

This weeks Threadless Pick of The Week goes to End by Matheus Lopes.


End by matheus lopes

And of course, everyone knows about the $10 Threadless Summer Sale! Wait, you didn’t know about the $10 Threadless Summer Sale? Well son, you have until June 14 (5PM CT) to score $10 tees and $30 hoodies.

Threadless Summer Sale

Dream Gold Is Hotness

Dream Gold is an indie brand based out Toronto with the mission to share the lifestyle of well-being and supremacy through their love for fashion and the arts. They just released their second line of tees and I have to say that based on the preview photos, it is far improved from their first release. I love how they built on their initial Heart of Gold tee and delivered two tees that are bold and full of fun. They’ve also got a slew of buttons for you to choose from.

The two new tees, Aqua Biceps and Psychowl are both printed on American Apparel blanks and are available now from the Dream Gold online shop. The shirts are priced at $19.95 a piece but you can score both shirts for just $30.95 by picking up the Golden Deal offer. You can actually pick up 2 of any of the four new shirts with the Golden Deal offer. My suggestion – pick one up for you and your girl (or vice versa)! And if you decide to pick something up then use the coupon code “COTY” and score 15% off your entire purchase! With the coupon code the price of the Golden Deal offer drops to about $25 – such an awesome deal!

A week or two ago I received a package from Dream Gold so expect to see a review of one of their new shirts on Co-Tee TV very soon!

Dream Gold

Dream Gold

Dream Gold