Coty Loves Threadless #24 – Energy Saving Lightsaber

8 new Threadless tees this week – Holy Batman! This episode is a woozy so be sure to watch it! My Threadless Pick of the Week is LightSaver by Marco Angeles because it just oozes awesomeness! But how did the rest rank? You must watch to find out, young padiwan.

Plus, don’t forget about the HUGE Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale! $8 Tees, say it with me, $EIGHT8 Dollar Tees!

Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale

Coty Loves Threadless #24 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

LightSave by Matthijs Smitt is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

LightSaver by Matthijs Smit

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Whale of a Bath Time

Here’s a great shirt from Threadless regular Marco Angeles aka ivejustquitsmoking in the Threadless blogs. Here’s Marco’s latest tee, available this week only at Teextile for $15. I love the colors on this one and that whale looks so happy! If only rain could be multi-colored, how fun would that be! Whale of a Bath Time is eye candy for your torso, check it out today!

Whale of a Bath Time