Nothing Better Than Young Lovers

There’s nothing better than young lovers. Then again, young lovers turned old lovers over time is pretty awesome as well. Having said that, both of these T-Shirts from Young Lovers are made with the finest premium ultra-soft combed ringspun 100% cotton. Even better, only 100 of each T-Shirt design from Young Lovers is ever made so each shirt is a limited print.

Two particular Young Lovers T-Shirts caught my eye, Dylan X Beethoven and Anonymous Mona. First, what a fucking brilliant move to mash-up two of the greatest musicians of all time into one epic silhouette. Second, I’m not sure what’s more haunting, Mona Lisa with her ambiguous face or Mona Lisa without her ambiguous face.

Both T-Shirts are available now from Young Lovers for $48.

Peace Is Simple

Cool shirt. I think that the product description sums up this shirt perfectly. There really isn’t much more for me to say about it. It’s simple and it’s beautiful.

The shapes are simple. The concept is simple. Peace is a simple concept; yet the world has struggled to comprehend it’s meaning and how to attain it. Robert Fulghum captured this idea when he said “Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make…” If we all tried to make peace, even if just for one day, imagine the profound impact that would have globally!

Peace Is Simple is available now from Random Objects for $23, but you can score 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code RANDOMOBJ at checkout!

Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone

I have no idea where the quote on this shirt is from, nor do I have a clue whose head that is plastered on the middle of this T-Shirt. What I do know is that Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone is one badass tee from Sheol Clothing. I love the tone of the shirt, which to me is very deep and melodic. There’s something very contemplative about this T-Shirt, and I dig it.

“Sheol Clothing is a grassroots clothing label based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Launched in early 2011, Sheol is a label with a twist. Dedicated to creating clothing which is striking, both visually and conceptually, we aim to give you that bit more. Unique clothing, with a unique message. Sheol is the ‘grave’, ‘pit’ or ‘abyss’, as a concept it predates the Christian and Muslim ideas of judgement after death and differs from Heaven and Hell. Dichotomous and ambiguous, Sheol opens the possibility of interpretation; it allows space for free will. You can push and pull the concept and find your own boundaries. It’s not simply a dogmatic black cloud or even a blissful white haven. It is everything that you want it to be because you have the power to decide.”

Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone is available now from Sheol Clothing for £12.

Introducing Colus Havenga

Designer and animator, Colus Havenga, recently launched his latest project, Colus. The designs are quite interesting in that only the colors black and white are used. The designs are quite minimal and look as if they could have come straight out of Havenga’s sketchbook (and that’s not a bad thing). Bold lines are intertwined with sketch like imagery. I can imagine that these designer T-Shirts would look great, either stand alone, or even under a sporty black blazer. Even Kings Fail (last design seen below), is my favorite design from the bunch.

“Black and white. No convention. No visual trickery. This is colus. Crafted without trend, colour or design stunts to hide behind, this collection tries to stay in its humblest form of design where negative space is as important as the art itself. Colus explores themes of morality through to mortality with symbolic, bold, contrast rich works with an underground tone leaving questions unanswered.”

All Colus shirts are printed on white American Apparel tees are are available now at the Colus online shop for $30 a piece. Tip: If you sign up for the Colus newsletter, you can score a 15% off coupon code. You might want to act on this because i’m not sure how long this offer will last).

The Stig Is Revealed

Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most popular shows, with millions of viewers across a hundred countries. But one thing about the show that has remained a secret for some time now has been the identity of the mysterious driver known only as The Stig.

“The whole point of The Stig is the mystique — the bizarre characteristics he has, the wonderment created about what he might think, feel, do or look like. Kids adore the conceit, and I believe adults, although they know it’s a man in a suit (or is it?) gladly buy into the whole conceit because they find it entertaining.” says Top Gear producer Andy Wilman.

However, because of a lawsuit brought on by HarperCollins, the identity of The Stig is a no longer a mystery. According to HarperCollins, The Stig is actually a 33-year-old driver named Ben Collins. According to Collins’ website, he has raced both Formula Three and NASCAR, and even drove James Bond’s Aston Martin in the latest Bond flick, “Quantum of Solace.”

The Stig

The Stig

So what’s Top Gear to do now that The Stig has been exposed? Well, hire a new and unidentifed Stig! At least that’s what they did when the identity of the Stig prior to Collins was revealed in 2003.

Despite the reveal of the white Stig, you can still purchase his T-Shirts from the BBC America online shop. The shirts are priced from $22.98 to $26.98 and I am sure that these will be pulled from the store soon so if you’re a Stig fan, you better pick one of these up soon!

The Stig BBC T-Shirt

The Stig BBC T-Shirt

Minimal White T-Shirt

If you want to get any more minimal than this tee, you’re better off buying blank white T-Shirt. Minimal Goods delivers the very minimal and aptly titled Minimal Tee. It’s printed on a white American Apparel T-Shirt and features the Minimal Goods logo printed on the front in white ink. The print is barely noticeable, and from a distance you probably would’t even be able to see it. And thus the beauty of a minimalist T-Shirt. There isn’t much more to say about this tee, and off course, I wanted to keep this post to a minimum.

The Minimal Tee is available now from Minimal Goods for $15.99.

Minimal Tee

Don’t Close Your Eyes, Take Them Off!

Wow, now this is a neat little gem of a tee from Flying Mouse 365. This is definitely one of those concept tees that look great as a mock up. Now, if I only I could see and feel the real thing. The print on this tee is huge and probably very difficult to pull off. I kind of wish that the part of the head not on the front would wrap around to the back and so would part of the hair – that would have been so awesome.

The shirt design itself probably speaks more to women than it does men, but I am sure that many of you fashion friendly men that read this blog would not mind one bit wearing this shirt. OFF by Flying Mouse 365 is available now at the Flying Mouse store for $21. It is printed on a white American Apparel tee and the print uses plastisol ink, making it soft to the touch.

I also noticed that the Flying Mouse 365 site has moved away from the limited edition weekly release model. They no longer release 7 new designs a week.

Flying Mouse 365 - OFF

A Year Of Tees

A Year of Tees is a new web project which promises to deliver a new T-Shirt every day for an entire year. The original plan was to do one shirt a week for an entire week but the site owner decided to attempt the one-a-day model for 2010. In many ways, it’s just like what Chow Hon Lam did with his Flying Mouse 365 Project. My question is, what happens at the end of 2010? Is this just a one year thing?

Every day during 2010 a new t-shirt will be added to the site. Each t-shirt is an original one colour design printed on either a black or a white American Apparel t-shirt and will be available for both guys and girls. All the t-shirts are printed on ethically made, environmentally friendly 100% cotton tshirts. There might be the odd one-off colour design or colour t-shirt thrown in to the mix on special occasions.

The designs so far look a bit lacklusters, I always expect new brands to come out with a big bang whenever unveiling a new line. The first crop of shirts from A Year of Tees seem a bit flat for me. Nothing really screams “AWESOME” just yet but I can’t wait to see what they have lined up for the rest of the year. The shirts are priced at $19.99 a piece and are printed on American Apparel blanks.

A Year of Tees

A Year of Tees