Co-Tee TV Episode 13: X-Ray Goggles, Linty Fresh and Mack

In this episode I wear X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero from Threadless and review Mack Hated Mondays from Linty Fresh, a brand run entirely by Eric Terry out of his home in Marietta, Georgia, and specializing in character driven designs that are accompanied with a story or poem to match. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Mack Hated Mondays by Linty Fresh. Good: Huge print, love the colors, the pink and yellow pop nicely against the black, printed on an American Apparel blank, screen printed in three different areas, tagless for itch free comfort, great presentation with custom packaging and lots of extra goodies included with package. Bad: If I am being honest, I had no complaints. Linty Fresh has excellent products and I am happy that I finally got to get my hands on them. Price: $22.00.

Mack Hated Mondays by Linty Fresh

X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero and available at Threadless. This is one of those shirts that scream look at me! I love it! And I still wish I had a pair of X-Ray Goggles. Price: $18.00 originally but no longer available for sale.

X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero

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Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

Eric Terry is making collaborations a regular thing these days, and I’m not complaining because I think he’s found a way of freshening up his already fresh Linty Fresh line (is that enough fresh for you?). This time, Eric collaborated with Will Bryant who also goes by the nickname Mr. Fancy Pants. And like last months collaborator, Eric met Mr. Fancy Pants via the popular photo sharing site, Flickr. You can check out Will’s other work here on his Flickr Photostream. 

This month’s Linty Fresh tee is called Hairy Harry and it’s no April Fools joke. It really is that good! The line work is curvingly wonderful and I think the colors used are perfect. I really dig the green! If Linty Fresh had a pet wookiee I bet this is how he would look like. You can pick up Hairy Harry at Linty Fresh for $22 starting today.

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

And here’s the collaboration process as explained by Eric:

1. Will sent me his type work for Linty Fresh
2. I wrote a poem for it, fleshed out parts to go more with the concept, and picked a color scheme.
3. Tshirt!

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh