GoTees: Write Your Goal On Your Sleeve

Keep that goal of yours close to you and write it on your sleeve. Literally, write it on your sleeve. Don’t feel like ruining a perfectly good T-Shirt? Try a GoTee Shirt from Betabrand. Once you receive your T-Shirt all you need is a goal in mind and a sharpie.

“The GoTee is more than a rugged crew shirt. It’s an entertaining excuse for you to accomplish something — anything. Like climbing a mountain. Or eating a mountain of Rocky Mountain oysters. Or painting a porpoise portrait. Or perhaps teaching a porpoise to paint portraits.”

GoTees are available now from Betabrand for $29. Sharpie not included.

Re-writable I Love NY

I usually try and keep pen tips away from my shirts as much as possible to prevent ugly pen streak marks. But this shirt from Markertees are all about bringing the pen tip to the cotton. So your t-shirts can transform into whatever mood you’re feeling for any particular day. A marker is included with every shirt and the drawing disappears after every wash. Pick up a Markertee now for $28.90.

Re-writable I Love NY