101 T-Shirts For Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fans and Twitter Addicts

Are you a social media guru? Are you on Facebook 24/7 connecting with everyone humanly possible? Have you leveraged Twitter for all that it is worth? If so, then the following list of 101 T-Shirts for Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fanatics and Twitter Addicts may be of interest to you. At the very least, it will help you prepare your wardrobe for the next über geeky social media or tech heavy conference, because we all know that wherever the geeks go, so do the geeky T-Shirts.

101 Social Media Shirts

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a Social Media related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. You Like This by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

You Like This

2. I’m The Mayor of Your Mom on FourSquare by Rizzo Tees, $16.

I'm The Mayor of Your Mom on Foursquare

3. Dislike by Busted Tees, $16.99.


4. Nice To Tweet You by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Nice To Tweet You

5. The Coupons by Chop Shop, $20.

The Coupons

6. I Like Wikipedia by Headline Shirts, $15.

I Like Wikipedia

7. d @skywalker by Cathie Tranent (RedBubble), $23.94.

Skywalker DM

8. I’m Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot by Twitter Tees by Threadless, $18.

I'm Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot

9. #ThisShirt by Busted Tees, $10.


10. Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & Del.icio.us by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & Del.icio.us

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Shirts Taste Good Halloween Sale

Our friends over at Shirts Taste Good is having a huge sale in celebration of Halloween! All of their tees have been marked down to $14.95 (regularly priced at $17.95). They have 26 different tees in the line of viral video inspired T-Shirts. Check it out, I guarantee you’ll have seen at least one of these videos on YouTube in the past!

Shirts Taste Good

Shirts Taste Good

Charlie Bit Me!

I don’t think I could ever grow tired of this video because both Charlie and his brother just too damn adorable. And now, there’s a tee that goes along with this viral video. The guys over at Shirts Taste Good recently released, Charlie Bit Me, an ode to the popular YouTube video. You can pick up Charlie Bit from Shirts Taste Good for $15 and just in case you’re wondering, it is printed on an American Apparel tee.

Charlie Bit Me by Shirts Taste Good

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

The Sodahead Obsession

Sodahead has become somewhat of an obsession with the fellows over at Emptees. If you’re wondering who Sodahead is then you might want to check out the video below of the kid who has the uncanny ability to destroy Mountain Dew like it’s no ones business. Plus, I encourage you to watch till exactly 1:37 when the epic spider leg makes an appearance.  

Anywho, about a month ago, Jud of ShirtFight had created a contest of sorts for the best Sodahead tribute video and designer Killer Napkins had produced an awesome tee as the prize. Aubrey from Full Metal T-Shirt printed a few of these uber limited edition tees up for the winner, Jud, Miss Etti of ShirtFight and Killer Napkins. Talk about team work! These are produced on a per order basis so if you’d like one you need to contact Aubrey with your shirt size, address and payment of $20. Any questions about this T-Shirt should be forwarded here.



Co-Tee TV Announcements

The last 7 or so months blogging about the indie tee community has been amazing! I’ve been having so much fun writing about some great indie tee brands and designers. And I’ve met some amazing people during this time.

I just wanted to let you guys know that along with this blog, I now also write at T-Shirt Magazine and Tee-Junction. Moust from T-Shirt Magazine has been awesome to work with and through him I have been able to interview some up and coming designers and brands, some of which, I had never heard of before. Likewise, Adam Fletcher of Tee-Junction has been such a pleasure to work with! He has given me creative freedom to write at Tee-Junction on a daily basis and I have been having a blast doing just that.

Co-Tee TV Video

The video blogs have been doing great! I currently have two shows that are available for your viewing pleasure. I’ve re-branded my Glorious Nonsensities Tee Review podcast, it is now called Co-Tee TV! I thought that the old name was a bit long winded. Co-Tee TV is now available on Vimeo, Viddler, Blip.TV and most recently, YouTube! If you’re into the YouTube community than feel free to subscribe to my videos – you’ll be notified each time I post a new episode!

And it gets even better. All past and future episodes are now also available on iTunes! This is amazing for me especially since I am such a huge Apple fanboy! What does this whole iTunes thing-a-ma-jig mean to you? Well if you’ve got iTunes installed on your computer you can subscribe to my podcast and have all episodes of Co-Tee TV downloaded straight to your computer. And if you’re an iPod or iPhone user you can sync Co-Tee TV episodes so that they go straight to your portable device. Pure awesomeness.

Co-Tee TV on iTunes

Coty Loves Threadless TV has been going good as well. Despite a lack of Seesmic activity, I have had a positive response from regular readers of my site. I will be adding Coty Loves Threadless to my YouTube channel from now on, too, so that I can take advantage of the huge community of YouTuber’s. Pumping out two video blogs every week has been a fun experience. Didn’t think I would be able to pull it off, but, I have and so I will continue to pump out original and fun content!

And finally, Twitter! This social network has been amazingly good to me. The amount of interaction that is possible, instantly through Twitter, blows mind. If you’re on Twitter then add me, I am twitter.com/cotygonzales.

A huge thanks to all the readers at cotygonzales.com! I appreciate all of your support. You are all awesome.

Toy Story 2: The Dark Knight

You’ll never look at Woody the same way after this!

And going with the Toy Story parody theme, check out this cool Toy Story 3/Jurassic Park tee made just for the Toy Story 3 tech production team. Thanks to robolove for posting the video on Emptees!

The Art of T-Shirt Folding Explained!

Here’s a great video that I found on the Emptees forum board (posted by Cole). The YouTube video, titled “How An Engineer Folds A T-Shirt” shows, step-by-step how you can construct your own fancy T-Shirt folder using a ruler, a razor blade, cardboard and some tape. 

Turns out, based on the replies in the video, this is how many of retailers get that perfect fold on the tees that they stock on their shelves. So if you’re interested in making a fancy tee folder then watch on!

And now for those of you who are too lazy (myself included) to make one of those cardboard concoctions then check out the famous “How To Fold A T-Shirt in Two Seconds Japanese Style!” video.

And for the intellectual types, check out this video explaining the “technicals” of the two second fold (who knew?!).

Joker Impersonations

A user by the name of CiscoOreo has been uploading some pretty spot on Heath Ledger Joker impersonations. If you look away from the video and just listen to the audio, you’d think it was Heath himself. Pretty cool.

The interrogation:


At the mob meeting:

Robin’s Big Date

Check out Robin (played by Justin Long aka the Mac guy in those I’m a Mac commercials) get cock blocked by Batman (played by Sam Rockwell of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind fame). This video went viral this past year (first appeared at the 2005 Fantasia Film Festival) and only now I’ve stumbled across it!

Anyhow, it appears that they are planning a sequel to “Robin’s Big Date.” “We still want to do a sequel to that,” said Rockwell. “Someone wants to produce it. Somebody wants to give us some money to do it. It’s under wraps and top secret but there would be a few more superheroes and super-villains involved. And some dating prospects.”