Co-Tee TV Episode 35: Kosher Ham, Zack Morris and The Hangover

If you grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s then you had to have been a fan of Saved By The Bell. It was the teen soap opera of our generation! How could you not have been a fan? In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review Zack Morris is a Man Whore and I giveaway Am I Missing A Tooth, both of which are from my favorite Jewish humor tee site, Kosher Ham!

Do You Want To Win Am I Missing A Tooth from Kosher Ham?

If so then just leave a comment in this blog post and finish this sentence: “I Love Kosher Ham because __________” Post your completed sentence by Friday, October 9 at 11:59 PM Hawaii time in the blog post below or on my Facebook fanpage (or do both and double your chances) and you could win a Am I Missing A Tooth (retail $19.99) from Kosher Ham . The shirt to be given away is a size Large.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Zack Morris Is A Man Whore by Kosher Ham. Pros: Printed on an American Apparel blank and comes packed with Kosher Ham branded stickers and pins. By three shirts from Kosher Ham and score a free Kosher Ham logo tee! Select from a wide variety of available colorways. Cons: Anti Saved By The Bell proponents would probably hate this shirt. Then again, are there any Anti Saved By The Bell proponents in existence? I thought not. Price: $17.99.

Kosher Ham

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Cute microbes on sale

New Tees From Kosher Ham

Kosher Ham has been on a roll the last few weeks releasing oodles of news tees, all kosher of course (we wouldn’t want them any other way). Check out four of my favorites from the recent releases. All shirts, except for Am I Missing A Tooth ($15.99) is $19.99 they’re all printed on American Apparel blanks. And remember, Kosher Ham always has the buy 3 get a 4th tee promotion – so pick up any 3 Kosher Ham tees and receive a free Kosher Ham logo tee! 

Am I Missing A Tooth is my favorite from the bunch! It’s from the newest comedic classic, The Hangover. If you haven’t seen that flick, do yourself a favor and check it out! You’ll laugh. You’ll laugh hard. And then you’ll hurt from all the laughter. 

Am I Missing A Tooth by Kosher Ham

Vince Shlomi has got nothing on Billy Mays. Billy Mays is a TV infomercial GOD. Pick up this shirt from Kosher Ham and profess your love for all things Billy Mays. 

Informercial God Billy Mays by Kosher Ham

Oh you know you used to watch Saved By The Bell. Don’t try to hide it! I admit I used to watch Saved By The Bell religiously! I was a preteen, afterall, at the peak of the shows popularity. And I think I’m a better man for it! Zack Morris for president. 

Zach Morris Is A Man Whore

Let’s just say that Michelle Obama didn’t really have any big shoes to fill. Our first lady has style, class and spunk. Be envious! 

Michelle Obama

And I just had to include this clip of “Zack Morris” on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s really him. I’m waiting anxiously for the Saved By The Bell reunion on Fallon! Does Mark-Paul Gosselaar not age?