A Father and Son Project: Summer Melon Rain

This fun T-Shirt comes to us from Nio Marcus, the prodigal son of Zerobriant. It looks like art runs in the family! The story goes that Nio Marcus sketched one of his favorite fruits, watermelon, after telling his dad that watermelon seeds look like rain drops. After telling his dad this, Nio took a bite from a slice of watermelon, turned it upside down, and sketched away. Zerobriant fixed up the sketch and submitted it to Design By Humans. The result? Nio Marcus’ first DBH print!

Summer Melon Rain is available now from Design by Humans for $15.

Death By Stealth

Blog regular and fellow Filipino designer and artist, Zerobriant, recently had another one of his designs printed over at Design by Humans. And I have to say that it is a hot one! The shirt features what looks to be a very deadly ninja assassin. Speaking of NInja Assassin, have any of you seen the recent movie of the same name? I missed it while it was in the theaters and now I have to wait till it hits Netflix!

“They travelled in disguise to other territories to judge the situation of the enemy, they would inveigle their way into the midst of the enemy to discover gaps, and enter enemy castles to set them on fire, and carried out assassinations, arriving in secret…shhh”

Death By Stealth is available now from Design By Humans for $17. At the moment, they are only offering this design in mens sizes.

Death By Stealth